Point Defiance Cafe & Casino, L.L.C. in Ruston, WA ...

Point Defiance Cafe Casino

Looking for a $1 chip from this casino to complete my collection. Does anyone have one? Will pay $50 for the chip.
Edit: I found one!!!
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The Benefits of Blindness: The Contract...Ch.4

CHAPTER 4: The Contract
“Hello, Master Faruthian,” the balding, middle-aged scribe greets Stokley with a pleasing smile.
Schunk, schuunkk, schuuuuunk!
The heavy press slams, sending a shudder through Stokley’s ears.
“My name is Sclerian Eupator. It’s an honor to make your acquaintance, sire. I have the pleasure of serving as your officiator.” Sparkling silver thread shimmers in swirling patterns beneath the surface of his yellow toga.
Sclerian stands and motions toward a stool under the table’s edge. “Please, have a seat, sire. As this may take a while.”
“No, thanks, I’ve been sitting all afternoon. I’d rather stand, for now, if it’s all the same to you, sir,” Stokley replies, folding his arms behind his back.
“Suit yourself, sire.” Sclerian pushes a long, vermillion quill pen, a matching marble inkpot, and three papyrus scrolls, pinning the top and bottom ends of each scroll to the table using a set of black-ivory figurines. Seven replicas of the island’s most notorious residents stare back in defiance: rattler scorpion, trigger spider, damocles fly, palpalyne plant, myrmr queen, god mantis, zombie wasp.
Schunk, schuunkk, schuuuuunk!
“I’m here to help you complete the petition for membership in the Community of Heirs. As regrettably tedious as this may seem, it is necessary, rest assured. If you only knew the trouble still caused by the inadequacy of our early clerical policies, you’d be amazed we lasted the first few decades, let alone to this day, but I digress.” Sclerian looks around briefly on the table behind him, flinching again suddenly.
Schunk, schuunkk, schuuuuunk!
“Now, where was I? Oh, yes, these first few documents.” Sclerian runs two ink-stained forefingers along the oversized text at the head of each scroll. “These officially record, in triplicate, that you are Stokley Faruthian, born in the city of Tien-Tay, in the Duchy of Han-Zen, in the Sacred Sargosian Empire, on the Fourth day of the Third month after the Winter Solstice, in the Three Hundred and Twenty-Third year after the establishment of the International Trade Consortium, or the first year of the reign of the Emperor Shadislaw II, also commonly known as, ‘Year One of the Second Fox.’”
“That’s my name and where I live, and my birthday’s the fourth of First Market month, which is the third month of the year. That’s the same thing, right?” Eyes squint as he bends over, inspecting the scrolls.
“Yes, it is.”
“Good, and I was born in the first year of the Second Fox, that’s also right. What else does it say here at the bottom?”
“Can you not read the Sargosian script?” Sclerian’s purple eyes narrow down to the size of pin holes in his pink face.
“Course I can read Sargosian!” he retorts. “The text, it’s just so small. I can barely make out the words.” Stokley refocuses as he steps away from the table.
“That’s right, how could I forget the Faruthian propensity for farsightedness? My apologies, sire. Here, use this.” Sclerian places a thick glass lens on the flattened scroll. “Is that better?”
“Yes, thank you.” He moves the palm-sized lens along the papyrus, instantly magnifying the writing, allowing his eyes to decipher its contents.
“When you have read the scrolls to your satisfaction, sign your name along that line.”
“What did you mean, ‘Faruthian propensity for far-sightedness’?” Stokley asks after reading the documents.
“I’ve found, out of the five Faruthians whose inheritance I have had the honor of administering, all have been far--.”
“I’m your sixth Faruthian? The first five, were they my brothers or cousins? I never knew I had any family. The way Matron Maggotte at the state home always spat it out, I figured she made the name up and gave it to me out of spite.”
“Oh, I suppose, they may have been distant relations. You see, Faruthian is your clan name, taken from the old Tangril tongue meaning ‘sons of Faruth’ in honor of the first of your progenitors to step foot on Perelandreia. If we might continue, this is yours.” Sclerian presents a polished brass seal attached to a necklace of silver chain.
“It’s your personal seal, also known as a ‘kartush.’ You’ll need it to finish authenticating the documents.” Presenting as if handing over a sacred relic, he waits with patience for the youth to pluck the seal from his palms. Fingers free once more, Sclerian grabs the next set of scrolls and opens a slide in the golden press.
“Here, we have to make these in triplicate. But first, if you would carefully place your kartush inside the press, please.”
“Right here?” Stokley points at the small sliding tray in the side of the complex device.
“Yes, that’s it, right there.”
Compelled from his fingers, the kartush falls into the tray as if pulled by an invisible force the moment he places it within a few inches of the opening, closing inward with a click. Sclerian maneuvers all three scrolls horizontally and adjusts several knobs while looking through a lens attached to the opposite side of the press. Satisfied, he pushes another lever into place and glances up at Stokley.
“If you would do the honors, sire.” Sclerian motions toward the fist-sized, ivory-handled lever.
“This one?”
Schunk, schuunkk, schuuuuunk!
Squeezing his eyes shut, he pauses for a moment before instructing Stokley again, “Yes, if you would pull it down firmly. You need not slam it, as some of your colleagues seem to find necessary.” Sclerian raises his voice and stares down the table at the other officiators, none of whom take any notice.
“You want me to pull it down?”
“Yes, hold it there momentarily until I indicate to reverse the lever. I will then adjust the press and we’ll complete the process for the final two copies.”
Schunk, schuunkk, schuuuuunk!
Sclerian lays out three new scrolls after completing the first set. Identical to the first in form and organization, but they’re written in the distinct, pictorial characters of SisterScript rather than the more elegant, if abstract, lines and slashes composing the ancient Sargosian writing system.
SisterScript, but what do they say?” Stokley asks, knowing the answer but preferring to appear ignorant, a technique he favors for deducing the honesty of strangers.
“You were not educated in SisterScript at Han-Zen State Home Nine? We were informed that your skills in the language were considerable, is that not so?”
“Maybe I’m just rusty. It’s been almost a year since I left. To tell you the truth I haven’t really had any practice. Let me look a little closer,” he lies, palming the lens over the papyrus and performing the translation with ease. He spends the next several minutes conspicuously struggling, continuing the deception. “They’re duplicates of the first scroll.”
“Hmm,” Sclerian mumbles. “More confirmations of your birth-date, location of birth and identity. These are for the official records housed in the Palace of Perpetuity in the Great City of Praeto.”
Schunk, schuunkk, schuuuuunk!
“This is an indemnification against damages and identification of the Community of Heirs as next of kin.” Sclerian places another set of documents on the table. “We just need your signature and kartush here, here, here, here, there, this spot, over here, that place there, there, there, and here.”
How does he keep his toga so spotless with those hands? Wow! Stokley marvels as Sclerian’s ink-filthy fingers flitter above the scrolls. An eye-ball sized ruby glimmers from his purple pinky. How could he wear that ring on that hand? It’s sacrilege.
“Indemnification against damages?” Stokley asks, distracted by the hypnotic effect of the blinking jewel, the largest ruby he’s ever seen, and so close!
“Yes, well, in the course of your preparation, training, or career in the service, if anything should happen to your physical person, your inheritance and possessions would revert back to the Oroboro Exchange Cartel via the Community of Heirs. This clause also prevents any right to legally recognizable marriage by the heir without authorization of the Community and forbids inheritance by any future children the heir may produce, unless that child is made a ward of the Community, which applies to all members without exception. Even the Commodore cannot bequeath so much as a single share of stock when he dies.”
“I’ve never been concerned about making a family. But what about this ‘indemnification against damages?’ What kind of damages are we talking about here?”
“As a legally binding contract applicable in international jurisdiction, potentially entitling the candidate to the greatest fortune in the known or unknown world, I’m sure you can understand every circumstance must be accounted for. And, since death is common to us all, the recourse in its event must be accounted for as well. That being said, the training and evaluation process can be challenging, and not everyone survives.”
“What is this, ‘training and evaluation process?’” Stokley asks, pausing over the next scroll. “And what do you mean, ‘not everyone survives’?” Stokley asks, trying desperately not to stare at the ruby glaring at him from the end of Sclerian’s hand.
“To ascertain your usefulness, we must evaluate each heir prior to placement. This involves various activities where you will travel extensively throughout the interior with your own bonded team of Kyte-Sen-Koo, whom you will receive shortly. Even with the protection of your body men we must say the process is, like all activities taking place on Perelandraia, not without certain risks which I’m sure you can envision.”
“Um, why don’t you help me out with that, what are we talking about here?”
“Unfortunately for assuaging your understandable concern, there are certain elements of the evaluation to which even we officiators are not privy. Thus, even if they didn’t forbid me from revealing proprietary information, I would still find myself unable to answer your question.”
“If you prefer not to continue, you have the option of formally renouncing your inheritance. A fair warning, heirs choosing to do so forgo all rights of claim on membership in the Community of Heirs of the Grande and Noble Oroboro Exchange Cartel, the decision being permanent and irrevocable,” Sclerian rattles off rapidly.
“Wait a second,” Stokley interjects out of instinct.
Sclerian continues the ‘take away’ clause, “We will then grant you safe passage to any port in the known world and an official O.E.C. note of tender worth fifteen thousand sisterpieces, at current rates of exchange, and refundable at any Imperial Bank or Bourse House within the network of the International Trade Consortium. Or, virtually anywhere else in the Seven Semi-Continents you may desire to go.”
“Fifteen thousand pieces of seven? And all I have to do is sign and sail away, I don’t have to do anything else?”
With fifteen thousand in cartel currency and free passage to Praeto, who knows what could happen! Stokley has little difficulty imagining himself parlaying this newfound wealth into an eventual stake in one of the many high-class casinos lining the great city of Praeto’s legendary Lilac Lagoons. Delusions of densely packed gambling halls with velvet roped V.I.P. sections waft through his head, the rich aroma of his own wishful thinking.
“Yes, that’s correct. Fifteen thousand in pieces of seven is certainly a considerable amount of capital for many men. But it would seem a paltry sum next to the regular stipend drawn by any member of the Community, to say nothing of its high-ranking members, not to mention the Board.”
A ray of sunlight refracts through the scribe’s ring, pulling Stokley from his reverie. He recalls the dozens of black pearls falling through the cracks of the Courtyard without a soul sent to collect them. And he considers all of those boxes in transit throughout the Mother’s Myrth. This inspires speculation as to the thousands of containers already resting in the holds of Bottany Bay and the tens of thousands sailing to every port in the Seven. Measured against such unfathomable wealth, fifteen thousand sisterpieces reverts from a windfall into an insult. And, as it has for so many others, the siren’s song of limitless fortune bends Stokley to her will.
“How dangerous is this process?”
“I shan’t lie to you. Not all survive. I’ve never had a Faruthian fail though!” Sclerian replies, pride glinting in his purple eyes.
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My movie list. Send opinions.

I know that there is no foreign films.
  1. The Usual Suspects
  2. Blood Diamond
  3. Casablanca
  4. Marriage Story
  5. The Nice Guys
  6. Grosse Pointe Blank
  7. Weekend at Bernie’s
  8. Back to the Future
  9. 3:10 to Yuma
  10. With Honors
  11. Pulp Fiction
  12. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  13. L.A. Confidential
  14. The Drop
  15. Unforgiven
  16. A Fistful of Dollars
  17. King Kong(1933)
  18. Tank
  19. Sands of Iwo Jima
  20. Dazed And Confused
  21. Forest Gump
  22. Public Enemies
  23. Midnight in Paris
  24. Man on a Ledge
  25. The Shawshank Redemption
  26. Interstellar
  27. A Few Good Men
  28. The Untouchables
  29. The Green Mile
  30. 12 Angry Men
  31. Heartbreak Ridge
  32. Palm Springs
  33. Escape from Alcatraz
  34. The Godfather: Part II
  35. The Godfather
  36. The Accountant
  37. The Irishman
  38. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  39. Source Code
  40. Edge Of Tomorrow
  41. Felon
  42. Scent of a Woman
  43. U-571
  44. The Departed
  45. Once Upon A Time in America
  46. Bridge of Spies
  47. The Hitman’s Bodyguard
  48. The Guardian
  49. Cool Runnings
  50. Frequency
  51. The Old Man & the Gun
  52. Black Hawk Down
  53. Coach Carter
  54. Men Of Honor
  55. Spy Game
  56. A Bronx Tale
  57. The Dark Knight
  58. Gangster Squad
  59. Greyhound
  60. Talladega Nights
  61. Law Abiding Citizen
  62. For a Few Dollars More
  63. Fight Club
  64. Rain Man
  65. Knives Out
  66. Die Hard With A Vengeance
  67. The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift
  68. Assault On Precinct 13
  69. Gran Torino
  70. JFK
  71. Pearl Harbor
  72. Casino
  73. Django Unchained
  74. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  75. Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood
  76. Tango & Cash
  77. Schindler’s List
  78. The Bodyguard
  79. Southpaw
  80. Green Book
  81. The Outsiders
  82. Goodfellas
  83. Good Morning Vietnam
  84. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  85. Hoffa
  86. Fail Safe
  87. Heat
  88. The Change-Up
  89. My Cousin Vinny
  90. Apocalypse Now
  91. Shutter Island
  92. The Great Escape
  93. The Truman Show
  94. Mystic River
  95. Three Kings
  96. Saving Private Ryan
  97. Crimson Tide
  98. My Blue Heaven
  99. Lord of War
  100. Dirty Grandpa
  101. Where Eagles Dare
  102. Man on Fire
  103. Tears of the Sun
  104. Rules of Engagement
  105. End of Watch
  106. Hacksaw Ridge
  107. Last Flag Flying
  108. Scarface
  109. Good Will Hunting
  110. Deadpool
  111. National Treasure
  112. Snatch
  113. Weekend at Bernie’s II
  114. The Execution of Private Slovik
  115. National Treasure: Book of Secrets
  116. The Prestige
  117. Criminal
  118. Uncut Gems
  119. Captain Phillips
  120. 1917
  121. The Negotiator
  122. Platoon
  123. Runaway Jury
  124. Midway
  125. Phone Booth
  126. Ford v Ferrari
  127. Hancock
  128. Jackie Brown
  129. Reservoir Dogs
  130. Inception
  131. Midnight Run
  132. The Bridge on the River Kwai
  133. Lock Out
  134. A Time to Kill
  135. The Patriot
  136. Stand Up Guys
  137. Donnie Brasco
  138. Taken
  139. We Were Soldiers
  140. Taxi Driver
  141. Da 5 Bloods
  142. Back to the Future Part III
  143. Argo
  144. Top Gun
  145. The Proposal
  146. Dr. No
  147. Big Time Adolescence
  148. Gemini Man
  149. Ad Astra
  150. The Perfect Storm
  151. A Perfect World
  152. K-19: The Widowmaker
  153. The Outlaw Josey Wales
  154. The Sum of All Fears
  155. Deadpool 2
  156. Fury
  157. Thirteen Days
  158. Killer Elite
  159. WarGames
  160. Remember The Titans
  161. When The Game Stands Tall
  162. Allied
  163. Million Dollar Baby
  164. Bohemian Rhapsody
  165. John Wick
  166. Under Siege
  167. The King of Staten Island
  168. The Whole Ten Yards
  169. Road to Perdition
  170. The Recruit
  171. 16 Blocks
  172. Outbreak
  173. 6 Underground
  174. Uncommon Valor
  175. American Made
  176. The Kingdom
  177. Limitless
  178. The Deer Hunter
  179. The Whole Nine Yards
  180. Cool Hand Luke
  181. Ronin
  182. Air Force One
  183. The Last Castle
  184. The Wolf of Wall Street
  185. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  186. The Equalizer
  187. American History X
  188. World War Z
  189. The Banker
  190. Baby Driver
  191. Hunter Killer
  192. Bullitt
  193. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  194. Die Hard
  195. Defiance
  196. Ted
  197. Inglorious Basterds
  198. Speed
  199. In the Line of Fire
  200. Silver Linings Playbook
  201. Mission: Impossible
  202. Cast Away
  203. This is the End
  204. The Taking of Pelham 123(2009)
  205. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three(1974)
  206. Zero Dark Thirty
  207. Back to the Future: Part III
  208. Arrival
  209. Unstoppable
  210. Driving Miss Daisy
  211. Valkyrie
  212. BlacKkKlansman
  213. Independence Day
  214. Snakes on a Plane
  215. A Walk Among the Tombstones
  216. Ted 2
  217. Dawn of the Dead
  218. Sicario
  219. Chronicle
  220. The General’s Daughter
  221. Mission: Impossible - Fallout
  222. Antowne Fisher
  223. The Expendables 2
  224. Fast Five
  225. Guess Who
  226. The Bounty Hunter
  227. Arlington Road
  228. The Intouchables
  229. Letters From Iwo Jima
  230. Above the Law
  231. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
  232. Guarding Tess
  233. Trouble With The Curve
  234. The Highwaymen
  235. Hell In The Pacific
  236. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  237. Hotel Rwanda
  238. Logan
  239. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  240. The Equalizer 2
  241. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocal
  242. Courage Under Fire
  243. Den Of Thieves
  244. The Silence of the Lambs
  245. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
  246. Robin Hood
  247. The International
  248. Flags of Our Fathers
  249. Behind Enemy Lines
  250. Avatar
  251. The Rock
  252. The Great Outdoors
  253. War for the Planet of the Apes
  254. Mission: Impossible: III
  255. Mr. Brooks
  256. Space Cowboys
  257. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  258. The Devil’s Own
  259. Any Given Sunday
  260. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
  261. The Philadelphia Experiment
  262. Rounders
  263. The Presidio
  264. Drive
  265. Poseidon
  266. The Way Back
  267. Se7en
  268. Kiss The Girls
  269. Uncle Buck
  270. The Iron Giant
  271. Meet the Parents
  272. Patriot Games
  273. Finding Nemo
  274. Hoosiers
  275. The Next Three Days
  276. Street Kings
  277. Salt
  278. U.S. Marshals
  279. Looper
  280. Half Past Dead
  281. Serpico
  282. Jason Bourne
  283. Con Air
  284. Anger Management
  285. Chinatown
  286. Friends With Benefits
  287. P.S. I Love You
  288. The Bucket list
  289. Unbreakable
  290. Gone Girl
  291. The Bourne Ultimatum
  292. Safe House
  293. Daylight
  294. American Gangster
  295. No Way Out
  296. Passengers
  297. Cape Fear
  298. The Mummy
  299. Along Came a Spider
  300. Sleepers
  301. The Bourne Identity
  302. Shot Caller
  303. Catch Me If You Can
  304. The Fugitive
  305. Dog Day Afternoon
  306. John Wick Chapter 3 - Parabellum
  307. J. Edgar
  308. Body of Lies
  309. The Sisters Brothers
  310. Traitor
  311. The Jackal
  312. Clear and Present Danger
  313. The Dead Pool
  314. Dirty Harry
  315. A Beautiful Mind
  316. Lock Up
  317. Wind River
  318. The Good Shepherd
  319. Love Actually
  320. Everybody’s Fine
  321. Armageddon
  322. Contact
  323. 12 Strong
  324. Sand Castle
  325. Deja Vu
  326. Eagle Eye
  327. Mercury Rising
  328. Home Alone
  329. Holes
  330. Battle Los Angeles
  331. The Invisible Man
  332. The Lincoln Lawyer
  333. 13 Hours
  334. Meet the Fockers
  335. Uncle Drew
  336. Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
  337. Jimmy Hollywood
  338. Honey I Shrunk The Kids
  339. The Bourne Supremacy
  340. Joker
  341. The Place Beyond the Pines
  342. Marked for Death
  343. The Expendables
  344. Turner And Hooch
  345. Ocean’s Eleven
  346. Brubaker
  347. 2 Guns
  348. The Bourne Legacy
  349. Going in Style
  350. We Are Marshall
  351. The Martian
  352. Memento
  353. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
  354. The Hurt Locker
  355. The Purge: Anarchy
  356. Angel Has Fallen
  357. Last Vegas
  358. Breach
  359. Buried
  360. The Hunter
  361. Only The Brave
  362. Extraction
  363. Hopscotch
  364. High Crimes
  365. The Town
  366. Step Brothers
  367. The Day After Tomorrow
  368. Inside Man
  369. The Final Countdown
  370. Hell or High Water
  371. The Company Men
  372. Knute Rockne All American
  373. All the President’s Men
  374. Olympus Has Fallen
  375. White House Down
  376. The Expendables 3
  377. 21 Jump Street
  378. Before Sunrise
  379. Ocean’s Thirteen
  380. 22 Jump Street
  381. The Sentinel
  382. Darkest Hour
  383. In The Army Now
  384. Collateral
  385. S.W.A.T.
  386. Vice
  387. Ocean’s 8
  388. The Hunt For Red October
  389. Definitely, Maybe
  390. Rendition
  391. 50/50
  392. Tag
  393. Deepwater Horizon
  394. Ladder 49
  395. Twelve O’Clock High
  396. Red
  397. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  398. Point Break
  399. Jack Reacher
  400. Absolute Power
  401. Blended
  402. Vantage Point
  403. 3 Days To Kill
  404. Bad Boys(1983)
  405. Tin Cup
  406. Shooter
  407. All Is Lost
  408. Ocean’s Twelve
  409. Taken 2
  410. Act Of Valor
  411. Patriots Day
  412. Daddy’s Home
  413. The Purge: Election Year
  414. Into the Storm
  415. Furious 7
  416. Apollo 13
  417. Unbroken
  418. Fast & Furious 6
  419. Brake
  420. Hostage
  421. The Core
  422. Magnum Force
  423. Fast And Furious 6
  424. Max
  425. Lone Survivor
  426. Mile 22
  427. Battleship
  428. USS Indianapolis; Men of Courage
  429. In the Valley of Elah
  430. The Matrix
  431. Glengarry Glen Ross
  432. Panic Room
  433. Training Day
  434. Tora! Tora! Tora!
  435. A Lot Like Love
  436. 47 Meters Down
  437. Contagion
  438. Grown Ups 2
  439. Grumpy Old Men
  440. The Thin Red Line
  441. Lucy
  442. Elf
  443. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  444. Spenser Confidential
  445. Grumpier Old Men
  446. Sicario: Day of the Soldado
  447. Jumanji: The Next Level
  448. Executive Decision
  449. Glass
  450. The Notebook
  451. The Longest Yard(1974)
  452. Black Sunday
  453. Enemy Of The State
  454. Deep Impact
  455. London Has Fallen
  456. Escape from New York
  457. Geostorm
  458. The Fate Of The Furious
  459. White Boy Rick
  460. Pay It Forward
  461. Escape Plan
  462. Bruce Almighty
  463. Titanic
  464. Capone
  465. Megan Leavy
  466. The 15:17 To Paris
  467. The Waterboy
  468. Thank You For Your Service
  469. The Enforcer
  470. Full Metal Jacket
  471. First Man
  472. They Shall Not Grow Old
  473. Grown Ups
  474. Prisoners
  475. No Country for Old Men
  476. Alive
  477. Unknown
  478. 2 Fast 2 Furious
  479. Basic
  480. Triple Frontier
  481. John Wick 2
  482. Red 2
  483. About Time
  484. The Sandlot
  485. Manchester by the Sea
  486. Red Dawn (2013)
  487. Happy Gilmore
  488. Jarhead
  489. 88 Minutes
  490. Next
  491. Miracle
  492. Creed
  493. Non-Stop
  494. American Sniper
  495. The Interpreter
  496. As Good As It Gets
  497. The Purge
  498. Ricochet
  499. Taken 3
  500. The Benchwarmers
  501. Tower Heist
  502. Lions for Lambs
  503. Fast And Furious
  504. Swordfish
  505. Mission: Impossible II
  506. Sudden Impact
  507. Homefront
  508. The Messenger
  509. Mine
  510. Everest
  511. Dear John
  512. Red Dawn (1984)
  513. Broken Arrow
  514. Green Zone
  515. Gone In 60 Seconds
  516. Backdraft
  517. Knowing
  518. Face/Off
  519. Red Tails
  520. Live Free Or Die Hard
  521. Creed 2
  522. The Fast And The Furious
  523. Memphis Belle
  524. Sully
  525. San Andreas
  526. A Good Day To Die Hard
  527. River Runs Red
  528. The Siege
  529. Flight
  530. 2012
  531. Ransom
  532. Demolition
  533. Finding Dory
  534. The River Wild
  535. Fast & Furious
  536. Die Hard 2
  537. Murder At 1600
  538. Hard Rain
  539. Papillon
  540. Life as We Know It
  541. Dante’s Peak
  542. Peppermint
  543. Little Fockers
  544. Enemy At The Gates
  545. The Monuments Men
  546. Falling Down
  547. Red Sparrow
  548. Goosebumps
  549. The 5th Wave
  550. Dunkirk
  551. Underwater
  552. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  553. He’s Just Not That Into You
  554. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  555. Max 2: White House Hero
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Three Illegal/Underground Tavern Ideas for Your 5E Campaign.

The idea behind these taverns is that they are illegal and exist in the underground of large cities. They can be ran by thieves’ guilds, shady businessmen, corrupt officials, etc.
Patrons might be criminals, risk-takers, gamblers, thrill-seekers, adventurers, spies, bounty hunters, and so on.
Maybe your PCs have learned that their target/targets will be at one of these locales at a certain time, or maybe they have business of their own. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these three unique, illegal tavern ideas.
The Sunken Labyrinth: For an illegal, underground establishment, it is a classy place. The entrance is guarded by a pair of jet black Minotaurs (MM pg. 223) named Dolothrius and Vangrios. Entry is granted by a well-known patron’s valid invitation, or by the password of the day. The door is banded, riveted metal, and heavy. It has 18 AC and 40 HP if the PCs try to break it down. The Sunken Labyrinth is a tavern where secret meetings, negotiations, and deals can take place. Valuable information can be passed here due to a ward against scrying eyes permeating the tavern. Those who wish to enter with force will find it difficult as they will have to pass through a maze that is dark and littered with traps. Maybe your PCs have learned that their target/targets will be here at a certain time, or maybe they have business of their own here.
If the PCs have the password, or a valid invitation, they can present it to the Minotaur guards. One of the Minotaurs will walk behind a wall, obscured to the PCs, to operate a series of small levers in a specific pattern. Then, he will operate a larger main actuating lever. Once complete, a safe, straight path to the tavern proper is created.
Once the Minotaur guard finishes operating the levers (or if the PCs successfully operate the levers), the sound of sliding stone can be heard behind the door, and then the door swings open. A pathway straight into the tavern is available. The pathway goes straight through a series of walls that resemble a small labyrinth. Straying off that path could lead to danger.
If the PCs get through the metal door without operating the levers correctly, they will have to navigate the maze to reach the Sunken Labyrinth tavern. View the image of the maze and read the following numerical descriptions to see what happens at those locations. Feel free to adjust these how you see fit. Use the link to the image below to follow the descriptions.
1.) A ten foot long hallway leads to the banded metal door. A DC 12 Wisdom perception check will reveal that a portcullis is embedded in the ceiling at the entrance of the hallway, and several small holes line the ceiling all the way to the door. As long as the PCs have the proper password, or a valid invitation, they can pass safely to the tavern. If the PCs attempt to operate the levers, it will require three successful skill checks. The first is a DC 17 Intelligence investigation check to study the levers and determine which levers to operate and in which order. The second skill check is a DC 17 Dexterity check to align the levers in the correct positions. The final check is a DC 15 strength check to operate the large main actuating lever.
If the PCs fail any of the skill checks, a portcullis drops down from the ceiling and traps anyone standing between the metal door and the portcullis. The portcullis can be lifted with a DC 18 Strength athletics check. Once the portcullis is dropped, poison gas (Essence of Ether pg. 258 DMG) discharges from the holes in the ceiling and fills the hallway. A DC 15 Constitution saving throw is required for any creature in the hallway. On a failure, the creature is poisoned for 8 hours and is unconscious.
2.) This area is a trapdoor pit. It requires a DC 14 Wisdom perception check, or Intelligence investigation check to notice. If activated, a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw is needed, or the creature falls 20 feet and takes 2d6 bludgeoning damage.
3.) A DC 13 Wisdom perception check or Intelligence investigation check is needed to recognize a pressure plate in the floor in this location and small holes in the eastern wall. If activated, darts shoot from the holes requiring a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw, taking 2d4 piercing damage and 1d6 poison damage on a failed save and half as much on a success.
4.) A DC 13 Wisdom perception check or Intelligence investigation check is needed to notice holes in the ceiling at this location and a pressure plate in the floor. Metallic points can be seen recessed in the holes if the light hits just right. If it goes unnoticed, a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw is needed to avoid the spikes that drop down. On a fail, a creature takes 2d6 piercing damage.
5.) At this location, a DC 13 Wisdom perception check or Intelligence investigation check will reveal a pressure plate and a narrow five foot slit/track in the floor and ceiling that runs east and west. If it goes unnoticed, when a creature activates the plate, the wall marked with arrows will slide to the west and connect to the other wall there. A creature must make a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw to avoid being shoved into a sealed room. On a fail, the creature is trapped inside. Acid pours from holes in the ceiling. A creature trapped inside will take 2d6 acid damage as there is no means to avoid it. The floor and walls are scarred from previous acid damage. A DC 15 Strength check is needed to push the wall back open. If a creature makes the save to avoid this trap, they may hear acid sizzling on the other side of the wall.
6.) At this location, a DC 15 Intelligence investigation check is needed to notice a Glyph of Warding (pg. 245 PHB) discretely inscribed on the stone floor. If triggered, a DC 15 Constitution saving throw is needed as the glyph releases a Shatter spell (pg. 275 PHB). On a fail, the creature takes 3d8 thunder damage, or half as much on a success. The Glyph of Warding spell ends once it is triggered.
7.) The walls and floors of these two marked locations are covered in mimic hide. The hide resembles the same stone used to make the walls, floors, and ceilings of the maze. It is indistinguishable. A creature that enters this area must make a DC 13 Strength saving throw or become restrained. Once restrained, a creature can continue making this saving throw at the end of each of their turns but it will be at disadvantage.
8.) Here, a DC 15 Intelligence investigation check is needed to identify a Glyph of Warding is discretely inscribed on the stone floor. If the glyph is triggered, a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw is needed to avoid the brunt of the damage of a Fireball spell (pg. 241 PHB) that is released. On a fail, a creature takes 8d6 fire damage, or half as much on a success.
9.) A DC 15 Intelligence investigation check is needed to locate a Glyph of Warding spell discretely inscribed on the stone floor. If the glyph is triggered, an Animate Dead spell is released at 5th level. At each location with a star, a corpse becomes a zombie (pg. 316 MM) and attacks the nearest living creature. On a successful Investigation check, the creature can skip over the glyph, and will discover the three rotten corpses. Nothing of value is on them.
10.) This location is concealed by an illusory wall that perfectly resembles its surroundings and appears as a dead end. A DC 15 Intelligence investigation check will reveal the illusion. Interacting with the illusory wall will also reveal it for what it is.
If the PCs reach the tavern, it is dimly lit and quiet. Tables are partitioned for privacy. Four Minotaurs work as tavern guards/bouncers here. The proprietor is a Minotaur Labyrinth Keeper (pg. 267 Creature Codex) named Lubanias the Pathfinder, who often visits his guests to make sure their needs are satisfied.
To exit, a main actuating lever within the tavern can be operated to allow safe passage once more.
Two human females (commoners) work as tavern maids. An older dwarven male (commoner) tends the bar professionally, and a half-orc male (commoner) prepares delicious meals.
This tavern can handle around 25 customers. Much more than that and privacy becomes an issue.

The Captive Crowd: The Captive Crowd is a highly-entertaining, albeit illegal, tavern to frequent. To enter this secretive locale, you must pay a fee of 15 GP per person to the Goliath veteran (pg. 350 MM + Stone’s Endurance), Haruul, at the door. Once the fee is paid, you are gifted thick plugs of cotton and are instructed to place them in your ears.
When the door is opened, a new patron can faintly make out singing. The tavern room is large and square. Tables line the outer edges of the tavern. The middle is open and a cage hangs from the ceiling 10 feet high off the ground. Inside, a trio of Harpies are prodded to sing. When one harpy has tired, the next one is forced to continue the song. A female half-elf swashbuckler (pg. 217 VGtE) named Jiolli prods them ruthlessly from a raised platform nearby. The harpies are not happy, and would love to shred the flesh of the bones of the people below, sometimes attempting to use their long, bird-like talons to snatch, but to no avail. Below the cage are those patrons who have removed their cotton earplugs to let the enrapturing, seductive, harpy song sweep them away, wandering like mindless zombies beneath the cage. They are lost to the world, and it would be easy to rob them blind if it weren’t for the ten vigilant enforcers (bandit captains pg. 344 MM) who keep a close eye on the charmed and uncharmed patrons.
Those who partake in the Harpy’s song do so for the pleasure they feel, and the total relaxation their bodies receive. Strangely, a side effect of being charmed by these monstrosities for a minimum of 30 minutes is like receiving 8 hours of rest.
When not ready to succumb to the song, or “take the walk” as it referred to here, the patrons maintain hearing protection. They use hand signals and written word to convey their orders from the menu, or to communicate their intentions.
One of the other things that make this tavern illegal is the menu. Imported, exotic animals can be consumed here. One might see a large constrictor snake curled up on a table - baked, sectionalized, and propped up in a pose with a non-native fruit in its mouth. A special glaze dribbled all over the fleshy serpent tenderloins, and colorful vegetables and fruits decorate the tray around it.
On another table might be a giant spider hanging from a fake web strand, flame broiled and crispy. Herbs and spices from some other land make this monster quite tasty. Don’t think you can eat spider? Let the harpy song change your mind. A few minutes in the song’s embrace can do wonders. A friend or companion will have to plug your ears when it’s time to eat to bring you back to reality, and the table.
As enrapturing as the Harpy song is, it can be much more so when certain drugs are inhaled before you “take the walk”, and of course, those drugs can be purchased here. For 15 GP more, your table can include a hookah bar. An illegally imported, mind-altering plant called Hexweed is the go-to drug to smoke here.
The owner of the Captive Crowd is the half-elf brother of Jiolli, named Simmon (master thief pg. 216 VGtE.) Jiolli and Simmon may also be members of your campaign’s thieves’ guild. Perhaps they have information your PCs need.
The rest of the employees are commoners: 5 busy tavern maids, two cooks. This tavern can hold 80 or so customers. 120 if packed.
Once you are finished here, keep your earplugs in case you want to return (and you will), or throw them away. Nobody wants to reuse those.

The Basilisk Den: Do your PCs like to gamble? The patrons of the Basilisk Den sure do. On the left side of the entrance to this illegal casino tavern, a statue of a frightened Halfling male holds a sign that says, “Well, that could have gone better.” A DC 12 Wisdom perception check will reveal that there are no chisel marks on this statue. Either it is from some kind of poured mold, or it was a real person. (It was a real person.)
A perceptive werewolf in human form (pg. 211 MM) named Victor stands on the other side of the entrance, taking weapons for storage. He’s good at sniffing out weapons that sneaky patrons might try to hide. Once approved, Victor can give the “knock” that signals entry is granted.
Upon entry, it is immediately noted that statues are a common theme throughout the tavern, even up on the 2nd and 3rd floors. They are all in strange, awkward poses. Some with expressions of fear, some surprise, and some with defiance. Some are falling backwards, others on the ground appearing to crawl away from something, some standing in a fighting stance, and strangely, one of them is simply smiling.
All sorts of gambling, and games of chance take place here. Cards, dominoes, bone dice, ten-finger pinfinger (game where you stab a knife between your ten fingers five times as fast as possible, switching the blade from hand to hand), you name it, it’s here. Musicians play upbeat music to liven the atmosphere. But, when the song changes to a slow, yet intense tune, the crowd knows that someone is about to Face the Basilisk. It’s a game of chance that is exactly what the name describes. People from all walks of life come to take this challenge. It is a high risk, high reward game. Pay 50 GP, receive 5 times that if you succeed. But if you fail, you, a friend, or family member better have at least 500 GP for a cleric to restore you back to your fleshy self. If not, you will become a permanent fixture at this fine establishment.
When someone is ready to Face the Basilisk, the music begins playing, alerting the patrons of what is about to happen. As the challenger approaches the Basilisk enclosure, the music intensifies, and the crowd gathers, positioned in such a way to not be in the Basilisk’s view. The basilisk handler slides open a hatch, revealing the monster behind bars, but plenty visible nonetheless. The challenger must make a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or become petrified (they don’t get a second chance in this instance). The music comes to a crescendo then either becomes celebratory, or melancholy depending on the outcome. Should a contestant have second thoughts and avert their eyes, they forfeit their money.
There are those on their last leg who scrounge up all that they own to get the coin and gamble it all on this game of chance. There are those who are rich, and can afford to lose, and also afford to be restored afterwards. There are adventurers who have faced these beasts in the wild, and aren’t afraid to do it in this setting. There are statues everywhere.
The owner of the Basilisk Den is a cambion (pg. 36 MM) named Heridan, disguised as a handsome human named Brint Valotriss. He walks the floors, checking on his guests, sometimes offering a free round of drinks to certain tables, or dropping a silver or two on a table to help “up” a patron’s bet. He basks in the chaos and misery his casino tavern brings, but also gets a kick out of those who strike it big.
There are eight bar maids (commoners) who serve the customers their food and drink, four cooks (commoners), two bartenders (commoners), and twenty floormen (thugs pg. 350) who patrol the tavern watching for cheaters. The floormen are supervised by a large half-orc (veteran pg. 350 MM + Relentless Endurance) known as The Green Ox. Some call him “Grox” for short. He’s starting to come around to that name.
The Basilisk Den can hold up to 250 customers. 300 if packed.
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[EU-PT] [H] OVER 800 PS1/PS2 Games - Drakengard, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Point Blank and more.. [W] PayPal, Bank Transfer

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157715276319253
Unfortunately I have to sell my game collection due to some urgent issues. Hard for me to say goodbye, but I have to. I'll leave a Flickr album here with pictures of all the games.
I'm asking for 5150€ for the entire collection, no game will be sold separately.
This is a honest collection from a game enthusiast. Shipping cost can be discussed.
EDIT: Games are mostly PAL, some are NTFS
EDIT 2: added list of games!
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Do Autonomous trucks dream of CW McCall, part 4

Falstaff had that dream again. He was at the trade show booth, dressed in the unofficial uniform- dress shirt (no logo), fleece zip up vest (with logo). He looked down and noticed he had his old company's logo. He was high again. The axe was going to fall and it'd all start over.
He woke in his inflatable swimming pool full of pillows. He did the inventory as his body reminded him of its complaints. Falstaff was nauseous (hangover), in pain (wear and tear) but not much self loathing. Waking up was easy, but getting up required negotiation. He fought his body's urge to vomit and crawled to the tasteful nightstand table, retreiving a variety of pills, washing them down with scotch and melted ice. He drifted for a bit, staring at the skylight in the garage, trying to enjoy the floating feeling but gave up, unsatisfied.
He then remembered that he sent that girl, Rachel to see if anyone was still running rigs through his portion of the Interstate. He wanted to be careful- take only what he needed, and without anybody outside finding out what was going or that he had been hiding here for a few months.
He dug around in the pillows and found a battered tablet. A few pokes rewarded him with some music and news from back in the world. He let the nausea, pain and worry leave him and he floated for a while, working out what tools he'd need for his venture outside.
His revelry ended with an annoying buzz from the tablet. Something tripped the motion sensors. More poking at the tablet revealed two figures walking up the driveway. He knew their gait but not their names.
They could be trouble. Falstaff pulled himself out of the swimming pool and threw on the Supremely Thick (tm) microfiber bathrobe and walked to the railing. His pillow-bed, desk and assorted lounging furniture populated the mezzanine of the garage, looking over a shop floor that could hold two buses if it wasn't full of vehicles in various states of disassembly and modification. The tablet showed the two visitors had separated and were slowly walking towards the back of the garage, testing the windows. Falstaff walked over to a wall rack made of resin hands and selected a long Russian bolt-action rifle with an equally long bayonet attached, going for burled walnut presence rather than plastic efficiency.
The two figures had reunited at the back of the garage and were attempting to open the metal door. Falstaff hobbled to a window that overlooked the door, opened it and pushed the rifle and the upper third of his body through the opening.
"Kids, go away" he muttered as he pointed the rifle in their direction.
Paul, the taller of the two looked up sullenly at Falstaff.
"But we brought your pet back"
A third boy pushed an electric bike and Rachel stomped behind, dejected and crying angry tears.
For a hard moment, Falstaff considered shooting Paul and his little gang of teenagers. But for all of his flaws and bad habits, he wasn't a killer.
Paul wanted something valuable he could sell to the occasional tourist or the gangs closer to civilization. A full vial of opiates and three unlocked, prepaid phones on good plans got lowered down in a weathered old casino coin bucket. The boys smiled and walked off, leaving Rachel to stand, fists balled. Of course the smallest one knocked over Brother's bicycle on their way back to the road and their truck.
Falstaff pulled himself out of the window, walked downstairs and opened the thick metal door. He slung the rifle on his shoulder and let Rachel in. He walked out, retreived the bike and pushed it through the door after her.
Falstaff retreived a ceramic bottle full of filtered water from the refigerator and offered it to her.
"Rachel, have some cold water. It will make you feel better"
"Rat. I'm Rat. Don't call me Rachel"
"Ok, Rat. Have some water and tell me what you saw"
Rat, still angry, took the bottle, pulled the stopper and drank greedily. Falstaff had good water. It didn't taste like the motel water or that one time she went to the border, where things were both shinier and still familiar.
She fell into an overstuffed chair in what she hoped looked like defiance. She wasn't going to give Falstaff the opportunity to think that she was just a weak girl. She was tougher than that.
Falstaff sat uncomfortably on a crate a two meters away from Rat.
"Six of them tried to push an old car into the rig with their truck"
"Did they stop the rig?"
"No. It bounced off the side and the rig kept going"
"Oh, wonderful"
Falstaff jumped off the crate, letting out a whispered curse as he stood up.
"That impact is going to get logged and uploaded when the rig comes into a depot back in the Remaining Semi-United States. I need more details if I'm going to fix it"
"Fix what? I'm in trouble here, for doing something. Mike’s going to find out and kill me"
Falstaff frowned. He wasn't back in the industry, where there were rules. Instead he had to consider someone else's complex needs as a human.
"So, he's a strappy enough lad. A new game perhaps? An upgrade for his bicycle?"
"He's going to be angry at me"
"I'll text him now and tell him that you're ok. I'll make it up to him. And you"
Falstaff realized that Rat must be hungrier than he was. He tried to have a less goal directed conversation with Rat while he made them heaping plates of scrambled eggs, diced peppers and toast. Hank, smelling hot food, waltzed over and stared at Falstaff until he made a smaller third plate and put it on the floor.
They ate in silence. A minute or two after the eating stopped, Falstaff pointed at the shower downstairs and bid Rat clean up a bit before he’d take her back to the motel where she lived.
Falstaff changed into more presentable and rugged clothing, then packed a mostly complete hybrid compact with some canned foodstuffs and a bag of tools and other gear. A reproduction 1870’s Colt revolver went under the seat.
He smiled at the contrast of old and new, then strapped the bicycle that came with Rat as well as a new, shiny model, fresh out of the box.
Rat was still showering. Quelling a moment of resentment for her using all his hot water and half of his cold, he realized that she had a far harder morning.
Rat finished and dressed, but slowly gathered her other things. A bit of prompting got her to finally pack her things while Falstaff opened the door, rolled the car out, then closed the door behind him. Rat slowly walked to the car and flopped in the seat with an audible thump.
Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into the motel parking lot. Mike stood, wearing what he thought was his most threatening outfit-boxer’s shorts and a t-shirt of a currently popular martial arts prizefighter. He probably had some inexpensive, high density fiberboard nunchucks in his waistband.
Falstaff waved to him.
“I’m proud of you for being so protective of your sister and I’d like to reward you.” Pointing at the bicycles on the roof, he smiled, hoping he looked sincere. He could never tell.
Some glowering from Mike as Rat walked quickly back to their room. Falstaff took the opportunity to get out and start unstrapping the bicycles. Mike looked at the sleek black bike and couldn’t think of any reason he wasn’t supposed to take it. He could still be angry at Falstaff and ride it.
Mike and Falstaff took both bicycles down. Mike took the bike around the parking lot, then into the frontage road and was no longer angry at Falstaff.
Falstaff brought his bags of canned food and brought them to the motel room where Rat and Mike lived. A few other residents of the motel watched him walk up the stairs with suspicion.
Two types of people came to the Motel. Some came to go somewhere else, while others had no where else to go. The watching residents had no illusions about their options, but Falstaff looked like he had options.
Yet he stuck around.
Falstaff quietly put the bags on a clean kitchen counter and walked to Rat, sitting on the couch, watching a video on a battered tablet.
“Now you don’t have to steal a bicycle any more. You’ve got one of your own that you can keep.”
She didn’t look up.
Falstaff walked out of the room and back down to his waiting car. He put the car in drive and slowly drove out of the motel parking lot, stopping for Mike.
Mike spoke first this time.
“Why are you doing this?”
“I asked Rachel to help me with something and I figured I owed all of you”
“Why her?”
“When I need muscle, I’ll come to you. I left some food upstairs in case you get low. Now that you have a new bike, can you give your old one to Rachel?”
Michael nodded, then bicycled off with a recorded whoosh. After a minute, Falstaff made his way to the Interstate, matching Rat’s earlier trip. He saw the old, smashed truck still on the road. Aiming the truck at a convenient washout, he pushed the truck with his car, making its motor’s whine a full octave lower.
The physical work done, he pulled out his laptop and a few antennas, confirming what he had noted before- no good cell signal. Perfect for his needs.
This was a better place to hunt trucks.
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[Can] [H] ps1/ps2 video game collection i ship! [W] $$

Hey everyone im jason selling off my ps1/ps2 collection
i do ship to canada/USA
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Blitz the lague CIB 4 1
Butt-ugly Martians Zoom or Doom! BRAND NEW 20 1
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Capcom classics collection CIB 12 1
sly 3 honor among thieves CIB 10 1
sly cooper 1 CIB GH 13 1
NHL 2003 CIB 3 1
socom us navy seals CIB 5 1
Zapper CIB 10 1
Espn international track & field CIB 5 1
vampire night CIB 40 1
Devil may cry 2 CIB 8 1
Devil may cry CIB 8 1
world series of poker CIB 4 1
seek and destroy CB 5 1
Network adapter start up disc brand new sealed 10 1
legacy of kain defiance CIB ( missing back cover) 22 1
onimusha dawn of dreams CIB 40 1
Fifa 08 soccer CIB 5 1
fifa soccer 2004 CIB 4 1
Dead to rights CIB 9 1
god of war GH CIB 10 1
Gretzky NHL 2005 CIB 3 1
NHL 2005 CIB 4 1
NHL 2004 CIB 4 1
Gran turismo 3 A-spec GH CIB 7 1
Jampack summer 2003 CIB 5 1
Prince of persia warrior within GH CIB 4 1
Driver 3 CIB 10 1
Devil May cry 5th anniversary collection 35 1
True Crime new york city CIB 20 1
Genji dawn of the samurai CIB 11 1
madden 2005 CIB 3 1
GUN CIB 11 1
Showdown legends of wrestling CIB 20 1
Fight night round 3 GH CIB 8 1
Hitman trilogy Missing hitman 3 18 1
madden 06 CIB 3 1
delta force black hawk down CB 6 1
Onimusha essentials (onimusha 2 BRAND NEW sealed) 80 1
Playstation 1:
007 racing disc only 5 3
007 The world is not enough BRAND NEW 28 2
007 the world is not enough disc only 5 1
007 tomorrow never dies Disc only 5 2
101 Dalmatians 2 BRAND NEW 25 16
A bugs life CIB 6 1
Action Bass BRAND NEW 4 1
activision classic games BRAND NEW 7 2
Air Hockey disc only 4 1
Alien resurrection disc only 15 1
Alone in the dark BRAND NEW 55 2
Alone in the dark the new nightmare both disc 18 2
arc the lad collection Arc arena monster tournament disc only 15 1
arc the lad collection arc the lad 2 disc only 30 1
Arcades greatest hits BRAND NEW 32 1
Armored core master of arena disc 1 11 1
Army Men Green Rogue Disc only 4 1
Army men sarge's heroes disc only 6 1
Atari anniversary edition 3 1
ATV mania disc only 3 1
Backstreet billiards disc only 8 1
Baldies BRAND NEW 12 1
Bass Landing CIB 12 1
battle arena toshinden 2 disc only 12 1
Bear in the big blue house BRAND NEW 8 2
Beyblade BRAND NEW 20 2
Big bass world championship disc only 4 1
Blasto CIB 15 1
blood omen legacy of kain disc only ( needs resurface) 20 1
Board Game Top Shop BRAND NEW 40 2
Bob the builder can we fix it BRAND NEW 5 1
broken sword the shadow of the templars disc only 11 1
Bugs bunny and taz time busters disc only 20 1
Bushido Blade 2 Case and manual only 14 1
Bust a Groove 2 BOX AND MANUAL 30 1
caesars palace 2000 disc only 3 1
cardinal syn disc only 6 1
Castlevania Chronicles CASE AND MANUAL 50 1
Championship Bass BRAND NEW 12
chrono cross disc 1 10 2
colin mcrae rally disc only 8 1
Colony Wars 3 Red sun CIB 8 1
Colony Wars CIB Japan import 10 1
colony wars disc 1 7 2
command and conquer both disc 11 1
command and conquer red alert disc 2 12 1
command and conquer red alert retaliation disc 2 12 5
contender 2 disc only 3 1
contender disc only 3 1
Contra legacy of war CB 15 1
Convert ops nuclear dawn both disc 10 1
convert ops nuclear dawn disc 1 5 3
Cool boarders 2001 Disc only 2 1
Cool Boarders 3 CB 4 1
Cool Boarders 4 CB 4 1
coolboarders 2 disc only 3 1
Coolboarders 2 killing sessions CIB J 5 1
Coolboarders 2001 / boarding pass DVD?
coolboarders 2001 disc only 3 1
coolboarders 3 disc only 3 1
coolboarders 4 disc only 3 2
covert ops nuclear dawn disc 2 only 6 1
Crash 2 CB GH 10 1
crash bandicoot 2 cortex strikes back disc only 10 2
Crash bandicoot warped collectors edition disc only 10 1
crash bandicoot warped disc only 10 1
Crash bash + manual disc only 13 2
Crash Bash CIB 15 1
Crash team racing CTR disc only 14 2
Cubix Robots for everyone BRAND NEW 14 11
D Long Box Disc 1 only CB 30 1
Dance dance revolution konamix BRAND NEW 10
Dark light conflict CB 5 1
Dave Mirra BMX CIB 6 1
Dave Mirra BMX Maximum Remix CIB 10 3
Dave mirra freestyle BMX disc only 5 1
David Beckham Soccer CIB 4 1
Dead Ball Zone CIB 10 1
Dead in the water 12 1
dead or alive disc only 12 1
deathtrap dungeon disc only 6 2
deception 3 dark delusion disc only 35 1
defcon 5 disc only 5 1
Demolition Racer CIB 10 1
demolition racer disc only 5 1
descent disc only 6 1
Descent Maximum CIB 10 1
Destrega Disc Only 11 3
Destruction derby 2 CB 5 2
Destruction Derby 2 CIB GH 10 3
destruction derby 2 disc only 6 5
Destruction derby disc only 5 4
Destruction Derby RAW CIB 14 1
Detective barbe mystery cruise CB 4 1
Devil Dice CIB 14 1
Dexter laboratory mandarks lab BRAND NEW 15 1
dexter's labratory mandark's lab disc only 5 1
die hard trilogy 2 disc only 7 1
die hard trilogy disc only GH 7 11
digimon rumble arena disc only 11 1
digimon world 1 disc only 29 2
Digimon World 3 Disc Only 20 1
digimon world 3 disc only 22 1
dino crisis 1 disc only 16 3
dino crisis 2 disc only 34 2
Dino crisis demo disk disc only 12 1
dinosaur disc only 3 4
dire hard trilogy disc only 6 1
Dirt jockey disc only 4 1
discworld 2 cib 55 2
Discworld disc only 34 1
disruptor disc only 18 2
Dora the Explorer CIB 2 1
dracula the last sanctuary disc 1 10 2
dracula the resurrection disc 1 10 1
Dragon 13 3
Dragon ball z Ultimate battle 22 Dis Only 4 2
Dragon Seeds CB 40 1
Dragon tales dragon seek BRAND NEW 8 1
Dragon tales dragon seek CIB 4 1
Dragon warrior 7 disc 1 16 1
dragonball GT final bout disc only 13 1
Dragonball Z ultimate Battle 22 BRAND NEW J 25 1
driver 2 both discs 7 1
driver 2 disc 2 3 3
Driver 2 GH CIB 8 1
Driver CB 5 3
Driver CIB 7 2
Driver GH CIB 7 2
Driver you are the wheelman disc only 7 3
Dukes of Hazard 2 Daily Dukes It Out CB 5 2
Dukes of Hazard 2 Daily Dukes It Out CIB 7 2
Dukes of Hazard Greatest Hits CIB 7 1
Dukes of Hazard Racing for Home Disc Only CIB 7 3
dynasty warriors CIB disc needs resurface 18 1
easter bunny's big day disc only 10 1
ECW Hardcore Revolution CIB 6 1
eggs of steel disc only 20 1
Epidec CIB 13 2
Equestrian showcase BRAND NEW 16 1
Evil Zone CIB 20 1
evilzone disc only 11 1
Excalibur 2555 A.D CIB 7 4
Excalibur 2555 A.D Dis Only 4 1
Expendable CIB 14 3
expendable disc only 7 2
F1 2000 CIB 6 1
F1 grand prix BRAND NEW 45 1
f1 World Grand Prix 1999 CIB 9 1
f1 world grand prix disc only 4 1
Fade to Black CB 7 1
Fade to Black CIB 9 5
Fade to Black Disc Only 5 1
Family Feud CIB 4 2
Family Game Pack CIB 4 1
Fatal Fury Wild ambition CIB 27 1
fear effect all discs and manual 23 1
fear effect disc 1 8 4
fear effect disc 2 8 2
fear effect disc 4 8 2
fear effect disc3 8 1
Felony 1179 CB 9 1
Felony 1179 CIB 14 1
Feonly 1179 disc oly 5 1
fifa 2000 disc only 2 1
Fifa 2001 CIB 5 1
Fifa 2002 CB 6 1
Fifa 99 CB 5 1
Fifa 99 CIB 6 2
Fifa 99 Disc only 2 1
Fifa soccer 2004 CIB 5 1
Fifa soccer 97 9 1
Fighting Force 2 CIB 10 1
fighting force 2 disc only 6 2
Fighting Force CIB 13 4
Final fantasy 7 CB 45 4
Final fantasy 7 CB GH 40 2
Final fantasy 7 disc 1 13 1
Final fantasy 7 disc 1 GH 10 1
Final fantasy 7 disc 2 13 1
Final fantasy 8 all discs GH 15 1
Final fantasy 8 CB 20 3
Final fantasy 8 CB GH 18 1
Final fantasy 8 CIB 30 2
Final fantasy 8 CIB japan import 10 0
final fantasy 8 disc 1 8 2
Final fantasy 8 disc 2 GH 6 1
final fantasy 8 disc 3 8 3
final fantasy 8 disc 3 GH 6 2
final fantasy 8 disc 4 8 3
Final fantasy 8 disc 4 GH 6 1
final fantasy 8 GH disc 1 8 4
Final fantasy 8 GH disc 3 10 3
final fantasy 8 GH disc 4 8 1
final fantasy 9 all discs 20 2
Final fantasy 9 all discs GH 15 1
Final fantasy 9 CB 20 1
Final fantasy 9 CB GH 17 1
final fantasy 9 disc 1 6 1
final fantasy 9 disc 2 6 4
final fantasy 9 disc 2 GH 6 2
final fantasy 9 disc 4 6 1
Final fantasy anthology FFV disc 8 1
final fantasy chronicles both discs 23 2
Final fantasy chronicles CIB 35 1
Final fantasy chronicles CIB GH 18 5
Final fantasy chronicles ff4 12 1
Final fantasy GH disc 2 10 4
FInal fantasy origins BRAND NEW GH 16 3
Final fantasy origins CIB 17 5
Final fantasy origins CIB GH 13 3
Fishermans bait CB 3 2
Fishermans bait CIB 5 4
Floating runner CB 25 1
ford racing CIB 3 6
Ford racing Disc only 2 1
Ford truck mania CIB 3 1
Formula 1 98 CIB 4 2
formula 1 CB 3 3
Formula 1 championship edition CB 3 3
Formula 1 championship edition CIB 5 4
formula 1 CIB 5 2
Formula 99 BRAND NEW 10 3
formula one 2000 CIB 5 3
Formula one 99 CIB 8 4
Forsaken CIB 5 1
Fox kids micro machines racing CIB 9 4
Fox sports soccer 99 CIB 5 3
Freestyle motocross mcgrath vs pastrana CIB 4 3
Frogger 2 BRAND NEW 22 1
Frogger 2 CB 5 1
Frogger 2 CIB 8 3
Frogger 2 disc only 3 1
frogger CB 6 2
Frogger GH CIB 8 5
G-Police BRAND NEW 30 2
Galerians Discs 1 2 3 30 1
Gallop Racer CB 11 2
Gallop Racer CIB 13 2
Gauntlet legends disc only 10 1
Gekido CB 24 1
Gekido disc only 14 2
Gekioh Shooting King CIB 50 3
Geom Cube CIB 8 1
Gex 3 BRAND NEW 65 1
Gex 3 CIB 13 3
Gex Disc only 8 4
Gex enter the gecko DIsc only 10 1
Glover DIsc only 8 1
Goal storm 97 disc only 15 1
Gold and glory the road to eldorado CIB 9 1
Golden nugget disc 2 3 1
GP Police CB 8 1
GP Police CIB 9 1
Gran turismo 1 disc only 6 1
Gran turismo 2 CB GH 8 3
Gran turismo 2 disc only 5 10
gran turismo CB 10 1
Gran turismo J CIB 10 1
Grand theft auto Disc only 5 10
Grand theft auto Mission pack #1 london 1969 CIB 10 1
grand theft auto the directors cut CB 14 1
Grid runner CIB 8 1
Grind session CIB 8 3
Grudge Warriors BRAND NEW 13 1
Grudge warriors CIB 6 4
grudge warriors DIsc only 4 6
GTA london 1969 disc only 8 1
Guardians crusade disc only 15 1
Gubble CIB 5 1
Gundam Battle Assault 2 CIB 23 2
Gundam Battle Assault 2 Disc only 10 3
Gundam Battle Assault CIB 17 3
Gundam Battle Assault DIsc only 10 1
Gunfighter CB 5 1
Gunship CIB 8 1
hardcore ecw revolutuon disc only 5 2
HBO boxing disc only 4 1
high heat baseball 2000 disc only 5 2
hot shots golf 2 disc only 7 1
hot shots golf disc only 6 1
hot wheels extreme racing disc only 7 3
hot wheels turbo racing disc only 9 1
Hydro thunder BRAND NEW 45 1
in cold blood disc 2 18 1
Incredible Crisis CIB 35 1
jeremy mcgrath supercross 98 disc only 3 1
jetmoto 2 disc only 4 2
jetmoto 3 disc only 7 1
jetmoto disc only 4 2
Jimmy white cueball BRAND NEW 5 1
johnny bazookatone long box disc only 20 1
Juggernaut CB 48 1
Juggernaut Discs only 24 1
K-1 the arena fighters disc only 5 1
K1 Revenge BRAND NEW 13 1
kingsfield disc only 25 1
kiss pinball disc only 4 1
Koudelka disc 2 25 1
krazy ivan disc only 10 2
Kyuin Ps1 CIB Japan Import 500 1
Largo winch BRAND NEW 6 3
Legend of dragoon disc 1 15 1
legend of dragoon disc 2 15 1
legend of dragoon disc 2 GH 13 1
legend of dragoon disc 4 GH 13 2
legend of dragoon disc 4 GH 15 1
lhra drag racing BRAND NEW 5 1
looney tunes racing disc only 11 2
Lunar 2 eternal blue disc 3 35 1
Lunar Silver Star story CB 58 1
Machine Head BRAND NEW 15 1
Machine hunter disc only 5 1
Martian gothic BRAND NEW 30 18
Martian gothic CIB 14 3
martian gothic disc only 7 1
medievil 2 disc only 35 1
megaman x4 disc only 10 1
megaman x5 disc only 10 1
Men in black series crash down BRAND NEW 10 1
metal gear solid both discs 19 1
metal gear solid both discs GH 17 1
metal gear solid disc 1 10 1
metal gear solid GH disc 1 8 1
metal gear solid VR missions disc only 9 1
Miracle space race BRAND NEW 7 1
MLB 2003 BRAND NEW 10 1
MLS Gamenight CIB 27 1
Mobile light force BRAND NEW 30 1
Monster rancher Battle Card episode 2 BRAND NEW 45 7
Mortal kombat 3 disc only 21 1
mortal kombat trilogy disc only GH 18 2
moto racer 2 disc only 3 1
motocross mania disc only 3 1
motor toon grand prix disc only 10 1
Ms.Pacman maze madness BRAND NEW 50 1
Namco Museum Volume 1 BRAND NEW 12 1
namco museum volume 3disc only 3 2
namco museum volume 5 disc only 23 1
Namco Museum volume BRAND NEW 15 1
nascar rumble disc only 7 1
NBA jam Tournament edition disc only 29 1
NBA show time NBA on nbc disc only 6 1
NFL full contact disc only 4 1
NFL gameday 2005 BRAND NEW 5 1
Ninja shadow of darkness disc only 11 1
oddworld abe's exodus both discs 14 1
off-world interceptor extreme disc only 7 1
pac-man world disc only 10 1
Pacman World BRAND NEW 50 1
Parasite eve 1 disc 1 1
parasite eve 1 disc 1 disc only 15 1
Parasite eve 2 disc 2 disc only 15 1
pluck'ys big adventure disc only 4 1
Plucky Big adventure BRAND NEW 10 2
power move pro wrestling disc only 5 1
Power play sports trivia BRAND NEW 4 1
powerslave disc only 40 1
Putter Golf BRAND NEW 5 2
Pyjama Sam BRAND NEW 15 1
Qix Neo CIB 13 1
Racing BRAND NEW 6 1
Ray tracers BRAND NEW 50 2
Razor racing BRAND NEW 5 1
RC de go BRAND NEW 25 1
RC helicopter BRAND NEW 10 1
Re-loaded BRAND NEW 33 1
Red Asphalt BRAND NEW 15 1
Resident evil 2 disc 1 15 1
Resident evil 2 disc 2 15 2
Resident evil 3 disc only 40 2
resident evil 3 disc only with manual 50 1
Ridge racer BRAND NEW 25 1
rival schools disc 2 25 1
riven the sequel to myst all discs 13 1
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riven the sequel to ryft disc 4 4 1
road and track: the need for speed disc only 6 1
Robo-pit 2 BRAND NEW 15 1
Saltwater sports fishing BRAND NEW 10 0
Samurai Spirits III: Zankuro Musouken (PSOne Books) PS1 JAPAN NEW 40 1
Sesame Street Elmo's number journey CIB 4 1
Sesame Street sports CIB 13 1
shadow madness both discs 12 1
shadow madness disc 1 6 1
Shadow man BRAND NEW 30 1
shockwave assault disc 1 7 1
Shooter space shot BRAND NEW 15 1
Silent Hill CIB J 20 1
sim city 2000 disc only 6 1
Skydiving extreme BRAND NEW 5 2
smackdown! 2 know your role disc only 8 2
soulblade disc only GH 8 1
space invaders disc only 7 1
space jam disc only 8 1
spawn the eternal disc only 13 1
Spec ops Airborne commando BRAND NEW 7 1
Spec ops cover assault BRAND NEW 5 1
Spec ops ranger elite BRAND NEW 5 1
spec ops ranger elite disc only 3 1
Specs ops stealth and patrol BRAND NEW 5 3
Speed Racer BRAND NEW 55 1
Speedball 2100 BRAND NEW 5 1
Sports car GT BRAND NEW 20 1
Sports Superbike 2 BRAND NEW 5 1
spyro riptos rage GH disc only 15 2
spyro the dragon disc only 15 1
spyro year of the dragon disc only 15 1
spyro year of the dragon GH disc only 15 3
star ocean the second story disc 2 20 1
Star wars Dark forces BRAND NEW 45 1
star wars masters of teras kasi disc only 8 1
star wars rebel assault 2 both discs 9 1
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Sterling Gun Aerux new in box light gun 30 1
Street fighter 2 collection disc only 30 1
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Street Racquetball BRAND NEW 5 1
Super bubble pop BRAND NEW 5 5
syphon filter 2 disc 2 5 1
Syphon filter BRAND NEW 22 1
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team rocket rescue disco nly 3 1
Tekken 1 longbox Disc only with manual 20 1
tekken 2 disc only GH disc only 5 1
ten pin alley disc only 4 1
the divide enemies within disc only + manual 26 1
the dukes of hazard daisy dukes it out 2 disc only 6 6
the dukes of hazzard racing for home disc only 5 4
The emperors new groove CB 7 1
The emperors new groove CIB 9 2
The final round CIB 5 4
the italian job disc only 5 1
the making of lunar 2 eternal blue complete disc only 18 2
the making of lunar silver star story complete disc only 20 2
Title Price Quantity
tomb raider 2 disc only 7 1
tomb raider disc only 6 1
tomb raider the last revelation disc only 7 1
tony hawk pro skater 2 disc only 11 2
tony hawk pro skater disc only 10 4
toukon retsuden CIB japan import 5 1
touring car challenge disc only 5 1
toy story 2 disc only 11 1
toy story racer disc only 12 1
Triple play 2000 BRAND NEW 15 1
Tunnel B1 BRAND NEW 30 6
twisted metal 2 disc only 23 2
twisted metal 2 GH disc only 14 1
twisted metal 3 disc only 10 1
twsited metal 4 disc only 12 1
Ultimate 8 ball CB 3 1
v-rally 2 need for speed disc only 5 1
Vanguard bandits disc only needs resurface 50 1
vanishing point disc only 3 1
vigilante 8 disc only 10 1
Virtual Kasparov BRAND NEW 12 1
VR Golf 97 BRAND NEW 9 1
WCW Backstage Assault BRAND NEW 18 1
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Weakest Link BRAND NEW 9 1
wheel of fortune 2nd edition disc only 3 1
who wants to be a millionaire 2nd edition disc only 2 1
wild arms 2 both discs 28 1
wild arms 2 disc 2 14 1
Winning eleven 3 CIB japan Import 8 1
World's scariest police chace CB 8 1
wrestlemania the arcade game disc only 10 1
wwf attitude disc only 6 1
wwf warzone disc only 4 1
x-files disc 2 4 1
x-files disc 3 4 1
x-files disc 4 4 1
x-men children of the atom disc only 70 1
x-men vs street fighter disc only 85 1
Xenogears disc 2 20 2
XS junior league dodgeball BRAND NEW 9 1
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OBLIGATORY FILLER MATERIAL – Just take a hard left at Daeseong-dong…6

After the third pony keg of beer was delivered, it was decided that the next few days would be spent in the conference room discussing what we thought was the best way forward.
We wanted dry-erase boards so we could start taking detailed notes, even though I was well ahead of the curve in that regard. We instead ended up with some mobile elementary-school blackboards and a pile of grainy, sooty chalk.
Leave it to Dr. Cliff to go into a discourse on the genesis of chalk and its economic importance.
Bloody carbonate geologists.
Bloody White Cliffs.
We geologists need to punctuate their conversations with pictures, so these would suffice quite well.
At 1700 hours, the official end to the workday was called; we’d meet here again tomorrow. I’m not certain by whom, but it was readily agreed upon. We were more or less on our own until 1000 the next day. I needed to spend some time in my room with my notes and update a number of dossiers, field notebooks, and other items I was using as a running chronicle.
Several folks decided to invade one of the hotel’s restaurants for dinner. Some wanted to head to the casino, a couple wanted to get a massage, and others wanted to do what tourists are normally wont to do on the second day of being a foreigner in a foreign land.
I declined invitations to dinner and other activities, as I had a long writing session in front of me. I wanted to get this all in its proper place while the memories and notes were still fresh.
30 minutes later, in my room after a 25-minute wait for the elevator; I’m updating dossiers, creating several new ones, and updating my field notebooks. Suddenly, after an hour’s work, I notice something is amiss.
“I don’t have a drink or a cigar,” I said to the four walls. “This. Will. Not. Do.”
I was used to Happy Hour in Russia. Happy hour is slightly different; there are no ice cubes or orange-peel twists in the vodka. Also, it lasts all day.
I remedy that situation by finding and clipping a nice, oily oscuro cigar and digging the bourbon out from under my boxer-briefs in my dresser drawer. I heft the bottle and feel that it’s significantly lighter than when I left it last night. I happen to look in the trash can and spy the wrapper for a box of my festively colored Sobranie cigarettes I obtained back in Dubai.
“Hmmm”, I think, “It would appear that we have some light-fingered Cho Louies or No Louises around here. I’d best guard my supplies a little more securely.”
I move all my smokeables into one of my now emptied aluminum travel cases. They lock with the stoutest of combinations and it will be readily apparent if anyone is fucking with them.
I move some of my best booze into the pretty much worthless in-room safe. With a deft application of duct tape, I seal the safe. It may not be the most secure spot on the planet, but if anyone tries anything troublesome, they’ll leave an immediately recognizable record of what they were up to. It’s just too obvious; they’d have to be crazy to go in after anything inside there.
My money, keys, and passports are in the safe deposit box down in the lobby that the hotel supplies for visiting dignitaries. Even so, they let me keep my shit in one of them anyway.
That handled, I spend another hour writing like a madman. I suddenly realize I’m tired of all this and need a diversion as well as some food and, of course, drink.
30 minutes later, I’m down in the byzantine basement tunnels of the hotel. It’s crowded with hordes of Chinse tourists, and the casino is ground zero for the incredibly loud chatter.
I look in on the bowling alleys all three of them, and they’re full. The massage parlor is hopping, although I leave my name and they promise they will call over the PA when a suitable masseuse is available. Evidently, I ‘intimidate’ some of the more demure ones.
I wander over to the bar, now there’s a surprise, and see it’s packed to the rafters as well. I decide to wait for a seat to open up on Mahogany Ridge when there’s some gargling over the PA and a pair of Chinese nationals leave the bar in great haste.
I grab one of the two newly open seats, much to the chagrin of a couple of Oriental Unidentifiables (OU) who had their eye on them as well.
“Sorry, mate”, I said, “First come, first served. It’s the capitalist way.”
One of the pair grabs a seat and the other just stands there, looking annoyed unspent bullets in my direction. Forget that I’ve literally twice their size and could be an aberration as an angry American. They just order a couple of drinks, and content themselves in giving me dirty looks and probably say nasty things in their own indecipherable language about my national origin and familial heritage.
As if I gave the tiniest of rodental shits.
I fire up a cigar, as literally everyone else in the joint was smoking something more or less tobacco. However, there was a definite barnyard aroma, a regular Dairy Air, in the room. I think some of what was being smoked there was more bovine or equine in origin than botanical in nature.
With numerous hilarious attempts at Korean, pointing at a garishly photographed drinks menu, I was finally served a cold draft house steam porter and 100 milliliters of probably ersatz ‘Russian’ vodka, vintage late last Thursday. This bartender that could at least form some of the phonemes found in American English. A few. A definite few.
Since it all cost the equivalent of US$0.50, I really didn’t care.
Apparently vodka helps flowers last longer when they're dying. But you can put vodka in anything and it'll make it better.
Being a trained observer, I rather enjoy just sitting in any old bar, smoking my cigar, drinking my Yorshch, and watching people. I try and not be intrusive and I never eavesdrop, but I like to try and think of what strange set of circumstances brought us all here together in this place at this time. It gives me writing ideas, some of which I jot down in a notebook I always carry. It also gives me a good shot of nostalgia when I look back at something I wrote some 40 or so years ago.
Yeah, old habits do die hard.
I take a drag off my cigar and set it in the ashtray in front of me on the bar as I go to correct another egregious misspelling in my notebook. I have to immediately proofread what I wrote, or I’d never recall later what the fuck I was trying to convey; especially if it’s in a noisy, smoky, or murky milieu.
Quicker than a bunny fucks, Unidentifiable Oriental #1 (UO #1) deftly reaches over, snags my cigar, and helps himself to a few mouthy puffs.
I look at him, the empty ashtray directly in front of me, him again, and then UO #2.
Since I speak no real Oriental, much less Korean, language, and my Mandarin at this point is worse than laughable; I just point to the cigar, turn out my hands and shrug my shoulders in the international “What the actual fuck, dude?” gesture.
He just smiles a gappy, toothy, and snaggle-toothed at that, grin at me and makes a point of ensuring that I see him enjoying a few more drags on my own damned cigar.
Not able to contain myself any further, I venture a “What the fuck, chuckles? That’s not your fucking cigar.”
Like gasoline being tossed on a fire-ring full of embers, they both go unconditionally incoherently insane.
Yammering, chattering, jumping up and down, and getting right into my face. They wanted me to unquestionably understand that my few words of English insulted them far more than their filching of my $20 cigar.
OK, I’m pretty well trained in Hapkido; an oddly, given the present situation, hybrid Korean martial art. I’m at least 6 or 7 inches taller and who knows how many stone/kilos/pounds/Solar masses heavier than these two clowns. I could easily go all Gojira on their hapless asses and mop significant expanses of the floorboards with them.
Instead, I look around for the bartender. I figured since I was keeping him well supplied with Korean won via tips, and he spoke some English as well as perhaps whatever the fuck these characters were chattering; maybe he could get to the bottom of what was happening.
The bartender walks over and I ask him to ask the two unidentifiable twins why they stole my cigar.
He nods in agreement and goes on in whatever the fuck dialect was being used today by the pair.
“They say they wanted it. So they took it.” They ask, “What are you going to do about it?” the bartender relates.
I deftly reach inside my field vest, as everyone concerned ducks and covers.
I extract two fresh cigars; not a .454 Casull Magnum.
I give one cigar to the bartender and one to OU#2.
“With my compliments.” I pleasantly say.
I was well apprised of the fact that in certain places like this, the local authorities often approach foreigners with, for the lack of a better term, ‘Agents Provocateur’.
Like the Westboro Baptist “Church”, they try to get a rise out of you so you’ll lose your cool and either create a scene or take a poke at the miscreant. Then they have all the pretext they require to drag you to the local hoosegow, shake you down for every penny on your person, as well as any phones, notebooks, wallets, passports, cigars, cigarettes, etc.
Basically, they goad you into a fight, then drop the thousand-pound shit-hammer when you retaliate.
It’s all so parochial. So obviously clear as vodka; this elementary charade only raised a single eyebrow.
I’m not going to even raise my voice over a couple of cheap cigars that neither of them noticed I slipped them instead of the premium ones I was smoking.
Thus defeated, I asked the bartender to ask them if they liked the cigar.
“What do you think?” I asked in cordial English, “Too tightly rolled? Not caged enough? Too green?”
UO #2 slipped and said “It smells very good…” where he realizes he’s blown his cover.
“Yeah, I like it too.”, I replied, “So much so, I buy my own. What are your badge numbers, boys? I will be reporting this incident to Inspector P'aeng Yeong-Hwan, the head of security for the IUPGS conference to which I was invited as special scientific consultant.”
Of course, they immediately dummy up and feign illiteracy.
I say loudly and very clearly, “You bastards aren’t gonna get away with this. I mean, what is going on in this country when scumsuckers like you can get away with trying to sandbag a Doctor of Geological Sciences?”
I ask the bartender to translate, but alas, it was too late. They vamoosed when I turned to talk with the bartender.
They left so fast, they didn’t notice me snapping their pictures with my ancient but trusty Nokia 3310, revised edition, during our little chat. Even with a mere 2-megapixel picture, I have enough to show the North Korean leaders of the project to get an identification and make known my displeasure of being treated like some commoner or buffoon.
They left both my cigar and the one I gave them. The bartender tucked the cigar I gave him into his pocket and stared lustily at the two remaining on the bar.
“Take’em”, I said. I sure as fuck don’t want them. “Just a clean ashtray and a refill, if you would be so kind,” I say, as pleasantly as possible, considering the situation.
Both the unsmoked and my smoldering, as well as well-traveled, cigar disappear as quickly as minks rut. A clean, new ashtray, double beer and ‘vodka’ suddenly appear.
“No charge, Dr. Rock”, the bartender grins, as he shoves my erstwhile high-mileage cigar between his teeth.
“OK, fair enough.”, I say, “Spaseebah.”, and deposit a raft of won on the bar. The pile won’t be touched until after I leave in a few hours’ time.
“Stranger in a strange land.” I muse over a couple of further beers.
The call from the massage parlor never came, or it did and I couldn’t hear it over the clamor of the casino. I went up to the hotel’s Korean restaurant; had some salty soup, a sad, sad salad, and some form of funky fish, I think, for dinner. I retired that night in a slightly foul mood.
I called Es then the next morning and caught her before she retired. With a 14 hour difference between us, I was getting up at 0700 and she was getting ready to hit the hay at 2100.
I told her of the events of the day previous, and she was glad she wasn’t tagging along. She would have never accused the Korean geologists of being behind the times and would have probably bent the guy’s nose that swiped my cigar.
Agreed, that she’d probably be unimpressed with this place. I promised her that we’d go on a holiday when I returned from all this. It would be up to her to find out ‘where,’ and I’d supply the ‘when’ when I could.
Everything else was going along smoothly, more or less, on the home front, and I didn’t want to give the local listening-in federales too much to say grace over, so we said our parting admirations and rang off.
Shower, shower sunriser of real vodka and citrus, a quick brush and comb, and spiff of cargo shorts and new ghastly Hawaiian shirt; 30 minutes later, back down in the restaurant for the inevitable breakfast buffet.
After what some would consider breakfast and others would consider a vague attempt at nourishment, we reconvened in the conference room precisely at 1012.
Nothing like precision with this group.
We spend the next two days going over, in various groups, what we think would be required to set forth proper the quest for oil and gas in North Korea on track. Everyone got in on the act, and we advocated for that. We needed everyone’s input to make this happen. Or to even map a way forward to present to country officials. Those from the West on what was needed and those from the East to tell us what was available, and the combined wetware to make what needed to be done happen with what existed.
It took no small amount of doing, but we secured a set of maps that covered the entire country. We were watched very closely by the shiny suit squad that we did not copy, photograph or otherwise take any extraneous information from these sheets of infamy. All other maps in the country were intentionally skewed, with errors deliberately added in to confuse “interlopers, spies, or other personas non grata”.
I made a massive stink and told them that if we didn’t receive the unfuckered maps, aerial photographs and satellite imagery pronto, we’re packing up and leaving that afternoon.
“We don’t have time for monks resisting the carnival. We didn’t come here to try and guess if the maps are correct or if our remedies will actually work on maps that say one thing and reality says something else entirely.”
They hemmed and hawed, but as I made the announcement to all before lunch that if the real maps didn’t appear by the time we returned from tiffin, we’re gone.
And we take tiffin purty durn early round these parts, buckaroo.
No one was surprised as I when we returned and there were folio after folio of government-uncensored maps, photos, and imagery for our program. I guess they finally reasoned it would be a relatively good idea to begin to take us seriously.
We spent one whole day just going over our field geological apparatus. They had a good idea of how to use a direction-finder compass and Jacob’s staff to measure sections. However, they were totally flummoxed by our Brunton Compasses, GPS systems, curiously referred to as ‘position finders’, notebook mapping applications, and electronic data storage and retrieval systems.
Gad. It was like being back in the 1970s before PCs were a glimmer in IBM's corporate orbs.
We spent the next week working to bring our less fortunate colleagues up to, well, not date, but at least up to the brink of the 21st century. We explained that plate tectonics, continental drift, and the precession of the continents was accepted geoscientific principles, not some arcane Capitalist or Socialist plot to undermine the quality of science in the east.
Yep. It was that mindset we had to first conquer. I think we’ve made great headway in that direction today.
The next Chautauqua session had us split up into two separate groups. We decided in a fit of Cesarean inquiry to ‘divide and conquer’. There are two distinct milieus which are able to contain economic deposits of hydrocarbons: onshore and offshore.
Instead of attacking both head-on, we’d focus initially on the offshore domain. Once we had a good handle on what was going on under the East Korean Sea, the Huangai (Yellow) Sea and surreptitiously, the South Sea; we’d collaborate our findings and work to tie them in and extend them onshore.
The singular Phyongnam Basin is the one large depositional, sedimentological, and structural basin in North Korea. It is filled by the Joeson and Pyeongan Supergroups of sediments, which are Cambro-Ordovician and Permocarboniferous, respectively. These are good hunting grounds for oil and gas. Could be elephant–hunting country.
But before we could undertake that, we had to get ‘back to basics’. That is, we had to understand and delineate the ‘frame’ of the Korean Peninsula. In other words, we needed to figure out how and when the peninsula came into existence.
South Korea’s geology is much more complex, fortunately than that found in the North. There were nasty side comments that were due to the relative development not of the geology, but of the geologists who studied each country’s geology.
It was, perhaps, a mean way of characterizing the situation. But, unfortunately, it was also probably fairly accurate.
The Korean Peninsula is characterized by huge massifs, which are sections of a crust that are demarcated by faults or flexures. In the movement of the crust, a massif tends to retain its internal structure while being displaced as a whole. The term also refers to a group of mountains formed by such a structure. It’s basically one huge, semi-resilient rock.
The basement rocks of the Korean Peninsula consist of high-grade gneiss and schist, Paleoproterozoic Precambrian massifs, which formed in the early stage of Earth’s history. These rocks are unconformably overlain by metasedimentary rocks; schist, quartzite, marble, calcsilicate, and amphibolite, of the Middle to Late Proterozoic. The Korean Peninsula is floored by a collation of about five of these huge Precambrian massifs that acted like ‘microplates’ during the aggregation of the peninsula. These massifs consist of thick dolostone, metavolcanics, and schist, which were intruded by Paleoproterozoic granites.
These Paleoproterozoic metasedimentary and granitic rocks underwent repeated intracrustal differentiation, followed by the events of cratonization, i.e., regional metamorphism and igneous activity, at 1.9-1.8 Ga. Sediments deposited in the peripheral basins during the Mesoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic lead to stabilization as the basement of the peninsula.
These early depositional basins formed the locus of deposition that continued on from the Proterozoic through the Phanerozoic. There are at least three, perhaps four, depositional basins in the south which are delimited by structural zones, such as the South Korean Tectonic Line (SKTL), a huge zone of continental transform faults and forms the basis of boundary demarcation between the Okcheon and Taebaeksan basins.
The boundary between the Seochangri Formation of the Okcheon Basin and the Joseon Supergroup of the Taebaeksan Basin in the Bonghwajae area is a thrust (or reverse‐slip shear zone). This thrust is presumably a relay structure (i.e. a restraining bend) between two segments of a continental transform fault (the South Korean Tectonic Line or SKTL), along which the Okcheon Basin of the South China Craton was juxtaposed against the Taebaeksan Basin of the North China Craton during the Permian–Triassic suturing of the two cratons.
In the late Proterozoic, sedimentation was initiated in basins of the Korean Peninsula, accompanied by deposition of siliciclastic and volcaniclastic sediments as well as carbonates. The massifs were submerged in the Early Paleozoic during a greenhouse period, forming a shallow marine platform and associated environments.
The Cambrian-Ordovician succession unconformably overlies Precambrian granite gneiss. It consists of mixed carbonate-siliciclastic rocks of sandstone, shale, and shallow-marine carbonates. Sedimentation was initiated in the Early Cambrian with a global rise in sea level on the stable craton of the Sino-Korean Block.
There was a major break in sedimentation during the Silurian and Devonian periods in the entire platform. During the Carboniferous to early Triassic, sedimentation was resumed in coastal plain and swamp environments with progradation of deltas.
Major tectonic events were initiated in the Triassic when the South China Block collided with the Sino-Korean Block. The eastern part of the Sino-Korean Block rotated clockwise and moved southward relative to the South China Block along the SKTL.
In the Middle-Late Jurassic, orthogonal subduction of the paleo-Pacific plate under the Asian continent caused compression and thrust deformation. A number of piggyback basins formed along the thrust faults in the east of the SKTL. At the same time, the entire peninsula was prevailed by granite batholiths, especially along the northeast-southwest-trending tectonic belt.
In the Cretaceous Period, the paleo-Pacific Plate subducted northward under the Asian continent, forming numerous extensional (left-lateral strike-slip) basins in the southern part of the peninsula and the Yellow Sea. A large back-arc basin was initiated in the southeastern part.
In the Paleogene, both the volcanic arc and the back-arc basin ceased to develop, as volcanic activities shifted eastward, accompanied by a rollback of the subduction of the Pacific plate. In the Miocene, pull-apart (right-lateral) basins formed in the eastern continental margin.
The Korea Plateau experienced continental rifting accompanied by extensive volcanism during the extensional opening of the southern offshore basin. It subsided more than 1000 m below sea level.
So, as South Korea was mix- mastered by a half-a-billion years’ worth of structural tectonism, which created several depositional basins quite capable of generating and storing economic quantities of oil and gas, the scene to the north was much more quiescent.
The North was composed, from south to north, of the relict Imjingang Belt, which was an old back-arc basin between the Gyeonggi Massif to the south and the Nagrim Massif to the north. It is a paleo-subduction zone, full of volcanics, volcaniclastics and other non-hydrocarbon bearing rocks. It was mashed and metamorphosed, and basically forms a convenient boundary between the complex geology of the South and the more relaxed geology of the North.
Heading north, we come across the Pyeongnam Basin, the only North Korean basin thus far defined that could contain hydrocarbons. Further north is the huge Nangrim Massif. It’s a huge block of igneous and metamorphic rocks that weather very nicely and form some spectacular scenery, but from an oil and gas economic outlook are worthless.
Offshore North Korea, there are two possible petroliferous basins. The offshore West Korea Bay Basin and East Sea Basin, along with five onshore basins could be offering exploration potential. At least ten exploration wells have been drilled in the West Sea, with some showing “good oil shows” along with the identification of a number of potential reservoirs.
The West Sea potentially has oil and has reportedly flowed oil at reasonable rates from at least two exploration wells when they were drilled and tested in the 1980s. Meanwhile, the East Sea has seen Russian exploration efforts previously including the drilling of two wells, both of which reportedly encountered encouraging shows of oil and gas.
Onshore, there has been little exploration to date, apart from efforts by the Korean Oil Exploration Corporation and also recently by Mongolia’s HBOil JSC (HBO). Among five main onshore sedimentary sub-basins, the largest is south of the capital; while unconfirmed reports point to a 1-trillion-cubic-foot (tcf) discovery in 2002.
Historically DPRK was thought to consist of five under-explored geological basins, the
• Pyongyang,
• Zaeryong,
• Anju-Onchon,
• Gilju-Myongchon and
• Sinuiju, Basins.
These basins are all located more or less along the coast, rather than inland. This also points to a certain degree of geological aptitude; as it’s much easier to explore along the more populated coast than it is to venture inland. There may be more hiding in the interior of the country, it’s just that no one’s looked as of yet. That’s difficult. Exploring along the coast is much easier.
With 3 basins supposedly proven to have working petroleum systems; 22 wells have been drilled and the majority are said to have encountered hydrocarbons with some wells testing production at 75 barrels of oil per day of light sweet crude oil. This has yet to be documented or confirmed by the Korea Oil Exploration Corp (KOEC), North Korea’s state-run oil company.
Yeah, our work was definitely cut out for us.
It was decided that a series of excursions offshore in one of the few remaining seaworthy, which was a real judgment call, KOEC seismic boats would be appropriate. The one we received use of was an old, decommissioned Chamsuri-class patrol boat, one Chamsuri-215(참수리-215), PKMR-215 in particular.
It had been basically stripped to the gunwales and completely retrofitted as a seismic acquisition and recording vessel. It had been renamed: “조선 민주주의 인민 공화국 영광” or “Glory of Democratic People's Republic of Korea Science”.
In reality, it was an aging rust-bucket piece of shit that might have possibly seen better days but wasn’t letting on. All the military nonsense, except the powder magazine, had been removed and a new superstructure consisting of slap-dash hunks of poorly-welded low-carbon, cold-rolled steel were erected to form a pilothouse in the area where the bridge once existed. They also built, extra haphazardly, a shooter’s room, galley, cold and wet storage areas, recording room, and storage of tapes and the extra bits and pieces needed for a none-too-extended stay on the sea. It was, being charitable, almost utilitarian.
They could not make their own water, so trip times were limited to about three days in length. Besides, they didn’t really have a hot galley, so it was cold, canned Chinese chow for the next 72 hours. They had a couple of fairly sturdy yardarms with heavy winches to handle the towed seismic arrays of geophones, which were of ancient heritage and showed it. These were probably appropriated back in the 80s or perhaps earlier when they first thought about opening their waters for seismic exploration.
They ‘borrowed’ most of the sensing and recording equipment back then from oilfield service companies and simply forgot to return it once finished. Since they burned that bridge so glowingly, they couldn’t get parts nor service when things failed. Being delicate seismic sensing and recording equipment, fail they did.
So, we had to use what was leftover, or what DPRK industries could cobble together, or what could be salvaged from salt-water drenched recording equipment that hadn’t been too heavily cared for over the span of the last 50 years.
We weren’t terribly optimistic.
So, we load the good ship ‘Rorrypop’, as Viv christened the thing, and head out to the wilds of the Yellow Sea. It was an abbreviated foreign crew, as there was really nothing other than upchuck and curse me soundly for insisting the non-geophysical scientists came along.
Aboard were the two geophysicists, naturally; Volna and Activ. I was there stick-handling the logistics and hoping to help out with the geophysical signal source explosives.
Morse and Cliff, the two other geologists accompanied us on the trip, and Dax decided to go with me as he figured I’d have access to the best booze no matter where we went.
The remainder of the team, the geochemists, Erlan and Ivan, the geomechanic, Iskren, the PT, Joon, and the two REs, Viv and Grako, remained behind onshore at the hotel. They set forth cataloging what data was available; from what sources, it’s vintage, veracity, and usefulness.
Augean tasks, both. Not as fecaliferous as Hercules’ jobs, but still, they held their own rations of shit for each sub-team.
Heading seaward, the Yellow Sea extends by about 960 km (600 mi) from north to south and about 700 km (430 mi) from east to west; it has an area of approximately 380,000 km2 (150,000 mi2) and a volume of about 17,000 km3 (4,100 mi3).[4] Its depth is only 44 m (144 ft) on average, with a maximum of 152 m (499 ft). The sea is a flooded section of the continental shelf that formed during the Late Pleistocene (some 10,000 years ago) as sea levels rose 120 m (390 ft) to their current levels. The depth gradually increases from north to south. The sea bottom and shores are dominated by sand and silt brought by the rivers through the Bohai Sea and the Yalu River. These deposits, together with sand storms are responsible for the yellowish color of the water referenced in the sea's name.
Being shallow, the Yellow Sea is more perturbed by the frequent seasonal storms of the region. The area has cold, dry winters with strong northerly monsoons blowing from late November to April. I was told that the summers are wet and warm with frequent typhoons between June and October; but now all we had to contend with were swelling seas, spraying saltwater, waggling waves, and a shivering, shimmying ship.
All the navigation, communications and other shiply duties were being handled by both members of the DPRK Coast Guard Auxiliary, mostly older guys who were of great and high humorous jest; and an actual pleasure to be around. They were like their scientific cadre on this cruise, basically a political ‘give a shit’ attitude, and a desire to get the job done, smoke the American’s cigars and drink as much as we could get away with.
The scientific portion of the cruise was being undertaken by students of the various universities and members of the North Korean national oil company. The demeanors of these characters ranged from extremely earnest and stringently North Korean politically correct in the students and academicians, to a more relaxed ‘yeah, let’s just get the fucking job done so we can have a lot of drinks’ sort of view of the older members of the DPRK scientific team.
It was a fun admixture of cultures, ages, professions, and behaviors.
Oh, forgive me for forgetting to mention our ‘guides’, or handlers. They were also chosen, nay, ordered to come along. Landlubbers all, they were less than thrilled with the assignment and inevitable seasickness; which seemed endemic to those of Oriental extraction on the cruise. However, our guides did enjoy drinking. As we learned that alcohol is a central part of Korean culture, and they encouraged us to socialize with them when the time was appropriate.
Or, not appropriate, as I was being denounced by one of the geophysical students after only a few hours into our very first day. Hell, we weren’t even in the Yellow Sea proper. We started here at Pyongyang, down the Taedong River, over the Giva Dam, through Pushover, across Shmoeland, to the stronghold of Shmoe; into the very belly of the frothing Yellow Sea.
Most everyone, other than the foreign elements on board, were either making the trip in the bowels of the ship; nursing and cursing seasickness; or by rail, doing exactly the same thing.
“Chum it over the side, ya’ blinkered mucker!”, I admonished one bottle-greenish national. “This ain’t the Captain‘s mess, Chuckles. You have to clean up your own spew!”
I was reveling in getting back out on the water and regaining my sea legs. I never get seasick.
Be it a seismic vessel in the heaving Arctic Ocean, a pirogue in the swamps of Louisiana, my cousin’s fishin’ johnboat back in northern Baja Canada, a US nuclear submarine under the permanent pack ice of the North Pole, or VLCC in the Straits of Somaliland; I just don’t get seasick.
Airsick? Nah. Carsick? Nope. Ready to puke in a Hind-20 over the Caspian Sea during a strong local thunderstorm? Close, but no cigar.
So, I’m doing a Titanic scene recreation. Up in the very bow of the craft, standing in stark defiance of the gusting winds and blowing salt spray, smoking a huge cigar, and totting out of one of my emergency flasks while trying to hang on to my Stetson. I am also endeavoring to remain upright, field vest and really, really ghastly Hawaiian shirt billowing in the breeze.
I’m not certain if it was the cigar smoke, the wind-whipped beard, and hair, the give a fuck attitude, or the flapping of the Hawaiian shirt to which the little local geophysicist objected. But he was pissed. Olive-green with seasickness, rubber-kneed but still standing a good social-distance away, reading me the riot act in high-pitched Korean.
As I usually do in such delicate situations, I just smile and wave. Show them I’m mostly harmless and they either cool down or get pissed off even more and stomp off in disgust.
Either one was a winning situation for me in my book.
So, I return to doing my ship’s figurehead imitation and revel in the wind, spray, and feeling of really being booming. Sure, some might complain of the cold, but not me, the sting of the salt-spray or the windburn; but I eschew what most people enjoy as ‘normal weather’. I live for pushing the boundaries. I love rough weather and situations that thrust the edge of the envelope further past normalcy.
Besides, we were still in sight of land. Hell, if everything went south at this very minute, one could practically walk back to shore. I can hardly wait to see what these wigglers will do if a night storm comes up when were 100 or more kilometers from land.
The boat’s thrumming heavily from both the thrust of the Soviet-era diesel engines and the craft’s bludgeoning its way through the waves. Most hull designs are so the ship will ‘cut’ through the surface waters. This craft’s flattened trihedral hull design didn’t so much ‘cut’, as ‘slam’ it’s way through. The boat would then crash up one side and smash down the other of each large wave we encountered. The boat would shudder whole, adding a new note of resonance along with the monotonous one-note song of the aged Russian diesels.
The spray would fly, the boat would convulse, time would seem to freeze until we bashed into the next wave. The captain of the vessel took his orders very seriously. “Get to coordinates XXX and YYY by the most expedient means possible.” If that meant charging, full-throttle into the teeth of the oncoming monsoon-force wind while we were traversing the worst kelp jungle I’ve seen this side of the Sargasso Sea; well, piss on it, full steam ahead.
“Fuck it”, I thought, “Not my pony, not my show. Let’s see how this plays out.” While I light a new cigar and search for Emergency Flask #2.
After I’d been upbraided by the geophysical student for transgressions still unknown, Cliff and Dax wander out to ask me what the hell I was up to.
“Have you gone completely barmy?”, Cliff asked. “It’s a full gale out here and you’re standing in the teeth of it like it was a warm, sunny Sunday in Piccadilly.”
“Nope, not at all”, I replied, “Just reveling in the delights of an angry atmosphere.”
“He’s nuts, I told you”, Dax smirked, “He’d go anywhere and do anything to have a cigar.”
“Not just a cigar, me old mucker”, I smiled and waved my second emergency flack under his nose.
“Figures”, they both respond in unison.
Dax departs and returns mere seconds later with paper Dixie-style cups he liberated from the ship’s one head. We are going to do our very best to extend the lifetime of the onboard water supply for our scientific and military friends. I pour them each a cup full.
“Whoa, Doc”, that’s gotta be 100 milliliters!” Cliff objects.
“As the Siberian saying goes: One hundred versts, roughly a hundred miles, is no distance. A hundred rubles isn't worthwhile money. And a hundred grams of vodka just makes you thirsty. Prosit!” I say in reply.
We retire to the overhang on the fantail of the boat. It’s a sunshade and keeps the worst of the weather out for the lightweights on the cruise. I decided we’d withdraw there to keep these Dominionites out of the worst of the wind and sea spray.
“Rock”, Cliff notes, “You are a complete throwback. You do not belong here in the 21st century. You need to find a way back to the Calabrian and ride herd on the continental Neanderthals. Give them the gift of distilling and tobacco agriculture, and you’d reframe the world.”
Dax agrees, but notes if I do find a way back, he and Cliff would be selected against.
“Good point”, Cliff agrees. “Rock, stay here. We need your expertise now more than ever. Plus your ready supply of strong drink and cigars.”
“Glad to know that I’m truly appreciated around these parts.” I chuckled slightly acridly.
“Ah, Rock. Buck up. You know we’re only takin’ a piss.” Cliff says.
“Aim it starboard. Don’t want it blowin’ all over the seismic gear”, I reply, laughingly.
The trip continued, and I found a not-bolted-to-the-deck chair and moved it outside under the shade back by the boat’s fantail. I refreshed my emergency flasks and replenished my cigar supply. I’m not about to sit inside and listen to the wails and gnashing of teeth of the landlubber crowd, the patter and timor of the geophysical throng as they titter and argue about array design, nor the military hut-hutting all over the fucking boat.
A couple of times, one or more of our ‘handlers’ would venture out as I had the only supply of readily available smokeables and drinkables. Oh, we had food, lots of beer, soju, some knock-off vodka, and some of that faux homebrew bourbon for later once the workday was declared over; but for now, I was the one and only dispensary.
We’d have some random chats while they screwed up their courage to ask me for a smoke or a tot of drink. I brought several bundles of really cheap-ass cigars for just such occasions; besides, I figured one of my Camacho triple-maduros would have them chumming for the remainder of the trip. I had also many, many cartons of Sobranie pastel-colored cigarettes, and many more cartons of knock-off Marlboros I bought at the duty-free when we hit town.
It was chucklingly funny to see these harsh, military, no-nonsense characters walking their duty beats smoking pastel green, lavender, and mauve cigarettes.
We got bogged down a couple of times when one or more of the ship’s twin screws fouled with kelp as we tried to put some distance between us and the shore. Each time, one really dejected low-ranking young Coast Guard character would go over the side with a rope around his waist and a knife in his hand to free the props. I was going to object as this was moronically dangerous; but, again, not my pony, not my show. This called for full proper tethering and SCUBA gear.
They had neither aboard.
Welcome to the wonders of a centrally planned economy.
To be continued.
submitted by Rocknocker to Rocknocker [link] [comments]

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