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Neverglades logs 4: Humans of the Neverglades

In todays log we will discuss the fluffy’s second most common killer. Humans.
But before we do that I would like to explain more of the fluffy’s biology.
The nutrition of the fluffy in the Neverglades is actually quite good. They are omnivores believe it or not. Meat does have some vital vitamins that they require to sustain good nutrition. However, they can have a full vegetarian diet and survive, however, their muscles and digestive system will not be up to par. Fluffy’s from the north tend to have lots of diarrhea, that is what happens if their only food source is just milk or just grass. Grass is low in fiber and nutrients compared to other vegetables so it is no wonder northern feral fluffy’s defecation is mostly liquid. In Florida, they can eat pond apples. A very bitter but still nutritious cousin of the apples we know and love. Fluffies don’t seem to mind the bitter taste, however, that is because they are feral. Pond apples were given to domestic fluffies and they rejected it. As ferals they will make the most out of any flavor. Other fruits they can eat are seagrapes, coconuts, and the thousands of orange, lime, and peach trees left over from the farms. Such trees are now spreading all throughout the Neverglades. As for meat, they have 2 main sources. Other fluffies, foals, and insects. They will munch on the countless grasshoppers, ants, beetles, and any other small arthropod. So I guess fluffies are above at least bugs in the food chain, however there are plenty of insects that can eat them if they have large numbers. With such a balanced diet, mares rarely have stillborns or defective foals! Also these Neverglade fluffy fecal matter is solid. Their rear ends still get covered in the stuff however…
The Neverglades have countless factions that scour the land. Keep in mind fluffies are biologically programmed to love humans unconditionally. Most feral fluffies have never seen a human and yet they still crave their love. Our drones have caught them murmuring to themselves that they want a “hooman huggies.” Humans are practically mythical gods to them at this point. When they do see one, they will become overjoyed and charge towards them asking for “huggies” and “gib upsies.” The human almost always kills them. After a few foul encounters with a human a fluffy will learn to fear us, unfortunately, they can’t seem to teach other fluffies that lesson.
In parenthesis is how their standings are with fluffies, from most friendly to least it goes
Researchers (Neutral): Us, we do not kill fluffies unless required for an experiment or if we are low on food supplies.
Rangers (Aggressive): These are the park Rangers, they are one half invasive species hunter, one half SWAT team. They will kill any python, boar, Nile crocodile, or iguana they come across. As for fluffies, they used to kill on sight, but the fluffy population always seemed to bounce back. They were spending countless dollars on ammo and trying to club a whole herd to death could take hours. And again, the fluffies always bounced back, always. They deemed it pointless unless using them for target practice. Also, they will kill them if bored.
(Video plays, it seems to be from a phone)
Filming Ranger: Duuuuddee got the ‘nade?
A herd off fluffies are running to them in the distance, feint “huggies” and “upsies” can be heard.
Other Ranger: Yeah dude! Fuckin’ watch. (Now Shouting) HEY FLUFFS, PLAY WITH BALL!
He pulls the pin to the grenade and throws it at the herd. The fluffies shout “yay baww! fank 'ou.” They played with the grenade for only a second before it went off, causing blood, shit, fur, and dead foals to coat the surrounding land. The explosion was followed by the roaring laughter of the Rangers.
(Video Ends)
Armed with assault rifles and large artillery, the Rangers are also in the Neverglades to stop the Cuban Cartels, Brofluff Cultists, Anarchists, malfunctioning robots, and any other nefarious activity in the Neverglades.
[Redacted] Man (Extremely hostile, even to [Redacted]!): [Redacted] Man is [Redacted], im*e#sely da^ng3r&s [Red4c1ed] d0 4OT A9pr0c#-----
Squatters (Hostile): Not everyone took kindly to evacuate all land south of Lake Okeechobee order. Many demanded to say, and the governor obliged, however, he warned them that there would be no police force or fire fighters to protect them, or corporations to supply jobs. Over the years many Squatters moved back to the inhabited parts of Florida such as the pan handle after life got too rough. Not only that, many Squatters have been killed by the Cartels, Anarchists, and even panthers and black bears. The Fort of Fort Myers was completely destroyed by [Redacted] Man. Which used to be the largest Squatter stronghold. Now they are sparse and no longer live in large communities, instead they live more of a hermit life. Fluffies are their main source of meat. They will hunt them; such a task is easily done with fluffies prancing to them. But they will also construct traps. The most effective is a Comfortfluffy. Think of it like a scarecrow but opposite. It is human effigy that it is made to attract Fluffies. As they approach the comfortfluffy, the fluffies will try to hug it. At the base of the comfortfluffy is a large mouse trap device hidden under pine needles. Such a device can kill 5 fluffies in 1 activation.
(Video starts)
A Comfortfluffy is erected in the backyard of an isolated house in a grassland. Around the Comfortfluffy is tan palmfrawns that hide the killing mechanism. There is even a small radio hidden in the chest of the Comfortfluffy playing songs one would hear on Fluffy TV.
A small pack of 5 adult fluffies with 2 mares with foals on their backs happily waddle towards the comfortfluffy shouting “huggies!” They begin to nudge the pants of the comfortfluffy and although metal creaking sounds could be heard, the trap does not activate. Then one of the fluffies begins to jump while singing “upsies!” The jump was just the pressure needed to activate the trap. A rusty screech is heard as the trap activates and 4 mouse trap-like bars swing down around the comfortfluffy. The cheers of the fluffies turn to a quick shriek, a loud crack, followed by some meek crying. 3 of the fluffies died on impact, their scull or chest cavity popped like a pimple. The 2 that survived had their hind ends crushed and their entrails shot out their rear. “Big owwies!!!” They meekly cried as the life in them slowly drained. The Foals that got hit by the bars were completely obliterated. The ones that were not hit were completely unscathed, however, they began to cry about everyone taking the “foweba sweepies.” As shadow then looms over them.
“Sandra! Were havin’ foal stew tonight!”
(Video ends)
Cuban Cartels (Hostile): Even after the legalization of marijuana the Cartels did not slow down. They are still quite in business thanks to the ever-growing demand for cocaine, heroin, and opium. The Cartels will make landfall in the Neverglades if the make it past the heavily patrolled Keys Atolls. They even have some bases the Rangers can’t take out unless they get military assistance. The Cartels will actively lure fluffies into their bases. They will put signs featuring happy looking humans with arrows pointing at the base. The fluffies will gladly follow the signs. Once lured into the base the Cartel henchmen will slaughter them for food.
Anarchists (Loving to Hostile): True to the definition of their namesake, they have no set rules or governance, and most anarchist groups have no relation to one another. You’ll have the ones who come to the Neverglades to abuse its low surveillance to torture and murder Squatters, other anarchists, and any other poor human that gets in their way. They will of course have their way with any and all fluffies. Then you’ll have the more hippie kind who just want to have a nice little commune away from corporations. These are usually very loving to the fluffies, most wont even hunt them with the amount of vegans they have. However, these communes don’t last long due to attacks from the Cartels, other anarchists, [Redacted] Man, and even large animal attacks. We’ve even witnessed a massive pack of coyotes kill an entire commune.
Brofluff Cult (Loving): This all male cult worships some sort of female equine pantheon. Part of their religion is to be subservient to all fluffies. They will come to the Neverglades and build small fluffly sized homes. They will cook countless spaghetti for the fluffies. They will protect the fluffies, even going as far as killing any human who dare hurts a fluffy. However, do note they will… mate… with a mare they call their “fluffu.” They will also breed fluffies in hopes of reincarnating the “Daughters of the Goddesses.” The Rangers will keep a close eye on them, if they make any aggressive move towards other humans the Rangers will rout them.
Pirates (Hostile): Basically anarchists that patrol the seas. They will commonly go ashore to restock on fluffies unless the find a drifting boat full of fluffies.
Fathers of Freeport (Hostile): Please remember, when I write “hostile” I only mean to fluffies, these men are actually very kind. The name of their faction was dubbed by me, they are simply Bahaman refugees searching for food. After sea level rise the Bahaman government disbanded, taking the upper class with them to live in Florida’s panhandle. The rest of the civilians were left to fend for themselves. Food is now critically short over in the Bahamas. What little land is left can’t grow food and the coral reefs have been overfished to depletion. However, some savvy fisherman have learned about the fluffy situation in Florida. They sail over to the east coast and collect a hulls worth of fluffies to take back to the remnants of their starving country. This particular group I was monitoring always stocks up at an atoll building at Hallandale Reef. This building is completely surrounded by water and somehow stuffed to the gills with fluffies on all dry floors. I was even able to intercept and question the captain of the fishing boat.
(Start of transcript)
Researcher: So what brought you to Hallandale Reef?
Captain: The reefs ova’ by Miami have too many pirates scoutin’ the seas. But here it is close enough to Seminole Territory dat da pirates shy away.
Researcher: Has the Seminoles have any qualms with you?
Captain: Nah, dey know we mean no harm. We take only the fluffy ones. Dey seem to not care fo’ them.
Researcher: Are you afraid this building will run out of fluffies?
Captain: (Laughs) No, no, no. Dees tings have many many babs’. If anyting we be doing them a favor and stoppin’ them from ending up like our own home.
Researcher: Have any of your men gotten hurt trying to farm these fluffies?
Captain: Yes, a greenhorn died. The floors of dis building be covered in shit. Poor greenhorn slipped and fell down stairs.
Researcher: I see, have you encountered [Redacted] Man?
Captain: Oh no lord Jesus, nonono! We be going now, good day!
Researcher: But…
Captain: Our hulls are full, and you reminded me of why our people can’t immigrate here, goodbye! And may lord Jesus protect your soul, science man who pokes tings dat need not be pokin’!
(End of Transcript)
Seminole Tribe (Neutral): A very powerful faction on par with the Rangers when it comes to control in the Neverglades. With the rising waters the Seminoles have lost lots of their ancestral lands and the USA did not grant them any more territory. However, they adapted. Their crowing hotel, the Hard Rock Hotel was a casino and hotel that is shaped like a giant guitar. Now that it is surrounded by water, they modified it to work also as a yacht club and dock. They even built an underwater hotel near it. People from all over the world fly in to West Palm Beach to take a cruise to their establishment. They also rule the area with an iron fist, killing any pirates, cultists, Cartel, or any other undesirables that try to make a footing in their territory. To fluffies, they are indifferent. See them as nothing more as a pest. They will kill any feral fluffy that is found in the halls of their hotels. But for any fluffy roaming the marshes of their territory, they know culling won’t really solve anything, so they let nature take its course. They also breed fluffies for desirable colors and will even have Fluffy Shows where breeders exhibit their fluffy show-pony.
Fighters For Florida (Or the FFF) (Neutral to Hostile): With the right permits and go aheads from government bodies, civilians can enter the Neverglades. The FFF is a hunting force of civilians that is organized to hunt invasive species such as pythons, Nile crocs, and any other invasive threat. However, ones hunting for pythons and such do not target fluffies because they know it will make no difference and their reserve ammo is better spent fighting any human threat that tries to harm them. That being said, some… questionably moraled FFF hunters that call themselves “abusers” come to the Neverglades to only torture fluffies to death. Since fluffies are labeled as invasive animals “to be removed by any means necessary” the abusers are 100% in legal right to… “hunt” fluffies in any way they want.
That about covers the humans of the Neverglades. Now we shall talk about native fluffavores, aka native animals that can eat adult fluffies.
The Black Bear: This animal is an omnivore in which 80% of their diet was vegetation. Not anymore, now their primary food source is fluffies. Because they are easier to hunt then to forage for fruits. If a heard of Fluffies spots one, they will usually shout and panic and try to quickly waddle away. The Black Bear will make chase and usually eat the one that trips, or it will swipe at the slowest one and kill it. Black Bears can even take out a nest by themselves. Even if the fluffies try to hide in a burrow the bears can dig down to them, but they usually go after easier fluffy prey. Black Bears in human ruins have learned that pushing open doors or breaking into boxes, cars, trash cans, and other containers have a good chance of revealing a hiding fluffy. Also note, fluffies also tend to think ALL land animals fear the water like them and will rush into shallow water to escape the black bear. They will then tease the bear, until the bear effortlessly charges into the water and kills them.
Panthers: We have talked about the general hunting habits of the panther in log 1, however I’d like to add on the habits of an alpha male panther. Alphas will patrol a large territory and basically kill any animal it does not want in its territory including other male panthers. One alpha has been documented killing 125 fluffies in a mega herd. It only ate 2.
Florida Gar: This fish can grow up to 3 meters in length. It used to be a very rare sight this far south in Florida after overfishing from humans. Now, they have made ma huge comeback thanks to the Neverglades low human population and fluffies as a food source. Unlike smaller gar or bass, these fish can eat an adult fluffy. They will glide into the shallows and scoop up a fluffy wading through the water and then use its serpentine body to slither back into the depth all while the fluffy begs to be let go. If the initial bite does not kill it that is.
Raptors: Hawks, Eagles, Osprey, Falcons and any large bird that hunts with talons. The red shouldered hawk is very common predator of the skies. “Wingie munstah” as they are called by fluffies are common throughout all habitats and thus Raptors have the largest kill count of fluffies if you don’t count humans. Our camera drones must always use its cloaking device not only to not spook the fluffies, but to hide from raptors.
(Video starts)
A Red Shouldered Hawk sits on a tall cypress branch as it spots a herd of fluffies waddling into the dried cypress dome. “Fluffy so thiwsty… need some wawas…” They then come across a puddle and joyously begin to drink. That is when the hawk makes its move. It glides down under the branches and before the fluffies can even cry out in warning. The hawk snatches up a small adult fluffy, as it flies the fluffy shits on everything below. The hawk waits for it to stop shitting and carries him up to a branch. All fluffies scatter in fear but one, the victim fluffies mate and her foals. “Wingie munstah! Pwease gib speshuw fwend back!” The foals also cry for their mother’s mate. The hawk then lands on a branch and holds the fluffy down with one talon that has dug into his flesh. The hawk begins to peck at the fluffy’s side and the fluffy begins to cry out “biggest owwies!” The hawk rips out the fluffy’s liver, then a kidney, then more chunks of flesh until the fluffy dies of organ failure. Stated, the hawk then pushes the fluffy off the branch. Its corpse hits multiple branches on the way down until it lands and the mare and her foals begin to cry at his corpse. The mare then is snatched up by a bald eagle and the cycle repeats.
The video then shows a clip of two ospreys fighting over a filly midair. It should be noted that not all Raptors kill fluffies by consumption, sometimes they simply drop them. The osprey continue to fight until they drop the filly into the brackish water below. She screams and shouts until she drowns and disappears under the tea-like waters of the estuary.
The video then shows a clip of a bald eagle migrating high in the air. The fluffy it is carrying then shits so hard it startles the eagle and it drops it. The video zooms in as the fluffy splats on the abandoned parking lot below.
(Video ends)
Alligators: These ancient predators are a fluffy’s worst nightmare because it is a “wawa munsta” that can exit the water and kill them. It is immensely rare for an alligator to hunt on land. They are almost entirely ambush predators, laying low in the water, hidden until a land animal needs to take a drink so it can immediately bite the prey’s head and pull it into the water. Such a perfect strategy is why alligators have been relatively unchanged since the time of dinosaurs. Such a strategy is perfect to eat fluffies, to no surprise. However, why wait? Alligators will leave the water, charge at a herd and scoop up one that did not run away in time. If they see trapped fluffies, they can devour multiple.
(Video starts)
There is a large abandoned Olympic sized swimming pool that has essentially turned into a marsh. Ten fluffies have entered the pool on the shallow end where sediment pile up from draining rainwater has made a ramp. They waddle to the diving well of the pool which has become a small pond within itself. The fluffies begin to drink from the pondwater and a massive alligator from the kiddie pool scurries into the pool marsh. The fluffies finally see her but it is too late. The walls of the pool got them trapped and the alligator blocks the only way out. The alligator slowly gets them to back up into the corner of the pool as they meekly cry and whine and shit. She lunges forward and bites one, then a second, then another! She shallows 3 fluffies down as they scream and defecate. The rest of the herd use this time to escape. However, more alligators enter the marsh pool as their cries altered the whole waterpark.
A new video clip starts to show off how some mares will sacrifice foals to save themselves.
A mare is cornered in a sewer as a 50cm juvenile alligator hisses and harasses the mare. The foal on her back shouts “Mummah! make wawa munsta go 'way!” She lets out a sad cry “Am sowwy bestes' babbeh.” And drops the foal on the ground, the alligator scoops it up as the mare escapes.
(Video ends)
Seagulls: Alone they can eat a foal, but a flock can peck a lone adult to death and eat small chunks of them.
Those are all the native fluffavores we have for today. Next log we will talk about defective robots that are scattered throughout the Neverglades. And how their glitched programming makes them a threat to fluffies… unless their programming was to kill them in the first place. Then they are not glitched.
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Need guidance - possible career switch

So to preface a bit, i work in the casino industry as of right now. I am a supervisor and i have a Bachelors degree in Business management. I had "some" sales experience working for Verizon before this job for like 6 months before i joined my current industry.

Where i am at right now: 28 years old and a little burnt out mainly because there is not much room for advancement in pay. The casino industry is extremely tiring. My hours consist of working anywhere from 5/8 pm to 1/5 am. I work Wednesday through Sunday. Lots of horrible people to deal with, sick of the smoking constantly around me, and recently with a new company purchasing the casino work for.... My benefits have doubled, perks have been cut, and i foresee job cuts in the future (i don't think mine, though). The company that took over is slowly running this casino into the ground. Business is slowing dramatically (customers are pissed) and I was already thinking about a career switch anyway.

I've been looking around the internet for jobs related to my (general) degree of business. I stumbled upon Loan Officers or Loan Originators. I enjoy working with people a lot. I am a huge talker. Everybody i know tells me i should be in sales. I have been looking to possibly transition myself into this industry but at the same time i was thinking about moving to Florida (Fort Myers) area. I have seen a few jobs with banks for Loan Originators. To get licensed for MLO is Under $1000. I can do that while working where i am now. It is only a 20 hour class.

Problem i am having/seeing is that while i can get licensed, how can i receive training for this position? I am asking for MLO's in this subreddit to respond who work for banks or themselves to shine some light for me on this. I have some questions too i would like to possibly be answered if you have the time to respond.

  1. What is a day in the life in this position?
  2. How hard would it be to break into this field? I understand it is a bit saturated right now from my research, but i am not in the field. How is it looking right now? 5 years from now? 10 years?
  3. How do you gain access to training for this position? I look at ads for jobs from banks and everyone wants 1 year experience. Where do I start?
  4. I get that this is a people position. Lots of talking to people and given my current industry (Casinos drag in a lot of terrible people) i am fully comfortable talking to people. Initiating conversation is a strong suit of mine. Diffusing customers is also very easy for me. Delivering bad news? No problem. I can deal with people. I may not enjoy it all the time but does anyone? What is a BAD experience like in your industry here?? What is a bad day like?

I may add more questions later but as of right now I need to get ready for work.

In advance, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to respond. I will try to respond back on my breaks. Thank you!!

P.S. - If you have any questions about Table Games i will HAPPILY answer them for you as well! :-)

(also, if this post is in the wrong sub then please let me know i will switch it to somewhere else!)
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Part 28

I might have a couple new ones, but I'm too shy to share at the moment.
5143.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember one of the stars on the front of the Magic Stars package having a face?(Do the letters in the logo look off?)
5144.(Candy name change.)Robin's Eggs/Robin Eggs(Do any of the letters look off?)(Did they only come in blue?)
5145.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Brahma not being connected?(Any of the other logos with "Brahma" in them look off?)
5146.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Universal One not being connected?(Do any of the letters look off?)
5147.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the A in Nuwave being normal?(Anything else off?)(Any of the other logos with "Nuwave" in them seem off?)
5148.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the dash in Georgia-Pacific not being connected to the P?(Was it "Georgia Pacific"?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember most words such as theater, center, and liter being the only acceptable way to spell them instead of an "re" ending being acceptable as well?)
5149.(Anatomy change.)Do you remember the Interstitium not being a thing?
5150.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember it not being safe for humans to go to the deepest point in the ocean instead of us taking multiple trips there?
5151.(Movie name change.)Liar, LiaLiar Liar(Did the movie logo have a space between the words?)
Add-On: Do you remember "Kicking It" instead of "Kickin" It"?
5152.(Animal name change.)Harper Seal/Harp Seal
Add-On: Do you remember "Pillsbury" being spelled "Pilsbury"?(Did the Pillsbury Doughboy make a different sound when getting his tummy tickled?)
5153.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being crickets that eat warts?(Do you remember insects in general not eating warts?)
5154.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember praying mantises not eating bird brains?
5155.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember "Opossum" being the only spelling and animal instead of "Possum" being a spelling and an animal as well?(Did possums not exist?)(Was "Possum" another spelling for opossum?)(Did "Possum not exist at all?)
5156.(Franchise name change.)Nightmare On Elm Street/The Nightmare On Elm Street/A Nightmare On Elm Street
5157.(Song Title change.)(Hit Me Baby) One More Time/Hit Me Baby One More Time/...Baby One More Time
5158.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Kaaba being an all black curtain that went all the way around and people not being allowed to see inside it instead of it having gold on it and people being able to go inside?(Anything else about it off?)(Does the black stone look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the top edges and all the corner edges of the Twin Towers not being white?(Were the upper floors not darker than the lower and middle ones?)(Did the dark bands on the building not appear white?)
5159.(Music Lyrics change.)"What would you do if I sang out of tune?"/"Watch what you do if I sang out of tune."("All I need is my buddies."/"All I need is my buddy.")("With a little help of my friends"?)
5160.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember autonomous cars not being as popular as they are now?(Were they not mainstream at all?)
5161.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Jerdon's Babbler being extinct?
Add-On: Do you remember "Phillip" being the only acceptable spelling instead of "Philip" too?
Add-On: Do you remember "Micheal" being the only acceptable spelling instead of "Michael" too?
5162.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember plantains being smaller than regular bananas instead of larger?(Were they not also known as cooking bananas and green bananas?)(Was there only one type?)
5163.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan photo being different?(Link below.)
5164.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember termites not being able to fly?(Do you remember termites looking different than they do now?)
5165.(Video Game name change.)Mike Tyson's Punch Out/Mike Tyson's Punch-Out/Punch Out/Punch-0ut/Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!/Punch-Out!!(Do any of the letters look off?)(Was there no exclamation points?)(Is the dash off?)!!_(NES)
Add-On: Do you remember "Streetlight people." instead of "Streetlights people." (Were all the lyrics with an "ing" instead of "in'"?(Do any of their logos look off?)
5166.(Movie Quote change.)"Baking pies my pet."/"Making pies my pet."/"All alone my pet."(Anything else off?)
5167.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Lady Justice not holding a sword in her hand?(Was it just her holding scales in one of her hands or both of her hands?)(Have you heard of her?)(Was she blindfolded?)
5168.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the first telecom hack not being as early as 1834?
5169.(Movie Quote change.)"So shall it be written. So shall it be done."/"So let it be written. So let it be done."(Other quotes?)
Add-On: Do you remember vs, vs., v or v. instead of versus?
5170.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember seagulls not eating rabbits?
5171.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Nick Clooney dying?
5172.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Nelson Mandela's wife dying years ago instead of April 2, 2018?
5173.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the way the dog says "Snausages" in the 80's commercial being different?
5174.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the dove Randy Johnson hit with the baseball exploding completely instead of falling to the ground?(Anything else about the video seem off?)
5175.(Famous Actor name change.)Yul BrenneYul Brynner(Other spellings?)
5176.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember icebergs not also being green?(Black?)(Striped?)(Rainbow?)(Other colors?)
5177.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Ford Expedition being normal?
5178.(Spelling change.)CarboratoCarborateCarboreuteCarburatoCarburateuCarburateCarbureter(Other spellings?)
Add-On: Do you remember Italian words such as Cappuccino or Panini being both the singular and plural of those words instead of being either singular or plural?
Add-On: Do you remember Peperoncini being Pepercini(Other spellings?)(Were they the same thing as banana peppers?)(Were yams and sweet potatoes the same thing?)
5179.(Famous Actress name change.)Kristy McNicole/Kristy McNicol/Kristy McNichols/Kristy McNichol(Other spellings?)(Was her nickname spelled with a C or her first name spelled with a K?)
5180.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Everything Changes being sung by Taylor Dayne instead of Kathy Troccoli?(Do you remember the artists who supposedly sung these songs instead of the people you remember not existing?)
5181.(Famous Actress name change.)Norma Jean Mortenson/Norma Jeane Mortenson(Do you remember her real name being Marilyn Monroe?)(Was her last name Baker?)
5182.(Anatomy change.)Do you remember the Diaphragm being smaller than it is now?( Have you heard of it?)
Add-On: Do you remember the top of the Leaning Tower Of Pisa leaning in the same direction as the rest of the tower?
5183.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"When the rain starts to fall."/"When the rain starts to pour."
Add-On: Do you remember Danny Fenton and all his family members all actually being named "Phantom"?
5184.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember polar bears having white skin?
5185.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Thomas Jefferson not fathering 6 children with his slave?
5186.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember lava dome fountains and Pele's Hair not existing?
Add-On: Do you remember Elvis Presley not doing karate?
5187.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember humans and animals not being as strong as we are now?(We're we not able to walk around with bones sticking out and was skin not able to heal over the bone?)
5188.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember humans not being able to swivel their heads like owls?(Anything else off?)
5189.(Famous Composer name change.)Ludwig Van Bethoveen/Ludwig Van Beethoven
5190.(Fictional Character name change.)Scorpio/Scorpion
5191.(Neighborhood name change.)Hollewood/Holleywood/Hollywood(Do you remember Land not being originally in the name?)
5192.(Music Lyrics change.)"Brown paper packages tied up with string."/"Brown paper packages tied up with strings."("Silver white winters that melt into spring."/"Silver white winters that melt into springs.")(Do you remember having to capitalize seasons?)(Any of the other lyrics seem off?)
5193.(Music Lyrics change.)"I know you love me."/"You know you love me."(Any of the lyrics?)
5194.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember eggs being dairy?
5195.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Heuweltjie, Mima mounds, fairy rings and forest rings not existing?(Video below.)
5196.(Company name change.)FritosLay's/FritosLay/FritoLay's/Fritos Lay's/Frito Lay's/Fritos Lay/ Frito-Lay(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Johnson's shampoo being Johnson & Johnson's shampoo?(Does the logo look off?)(Is the company name off?)(Does Johnson & Johnson look off?)
5197.(Phantom t.v. show quote.)Do you remember Tommy from Rugrats saying "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do." in the movie?(Did he say it more seriously?)(Anything else off?)
5198.(Real Life Quote change.)"Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?"/"Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?"/"If you smell what The Rock is cooking?"(Did he the formers in his actual matches instead of just the song?)
Add-On: Do you remember the identity of the Mona Lisa being unknown instead of a well known person?
5199.(Toy Quote change.)"You knocked my block off."/"My block was knocked off."'Em_Sock_'Em_Robots
5200.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these types of clouds not existing?(Video below.)
5201.(Famous Golfer name change.)Jack Nicholas/Jack Nicolas/Jack Nicklas/Jack Nicklaus
5202.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Soviet leaders not kissing on the lips to show special relationships?(Do you remember there not being a famous painting about it?)
5203.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember straight men not liking to cuddle and spoon?
5204.(Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in WrestleMania being normal?
Add-On: Do you remember "Everything will work out fine." instead of"Everything will work out right."?
5205.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's gonna be a long one."/"It's gonna be alone."(Does the song title or any of the other lyrics look off?)
5206.(Medicine name change.)NeoCitrun/NeoCitran(Other spellings?)(Does the logo look off?)(Any of the other logos look off?)
5207.(New species.)Have you heard of the Hummingbird Hawk-Moth?
5208.(New species.)Have you heard of the Pink Dragonfly?
5209.(New species.)Have you heard of the Flannel Moth?
5210.(New species.)Have you heard of the Glaucus Atlanticus?
5211.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember rabbits, deer and other animals being herbivores?
5212.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the aliens from the Roswell alien crash being genderless instead of female?(Was the type of alien supposedly genderless?)
5213.(Music Lyrics change.)"I wanna live a life of danger."/"Live the life of guts and danger."(Do any of the other lyrics seem off to you?)
5214.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember A.D. standing for After Death instead of The Year Of Our Lord?
Add-On: Do you remember the Friends logo being F.R.I.E.N.D.S instead of the dots being in the middle?
5215.(Music Lyrics change.)"Life is a mystery."/"Life is the mystery."
5216.(Famous Baseball Player name change.)Willy Mays/Willie Mays(Do you remember Willy being the only acceptable way to spell the name instead of Willie too?)
5217.(Spelling change.)Intrest/Interest
5218.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember commercial jets and the F-16 being different?
5219.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember women producing less eggs during pregnancy and the Gestational period being longer?(Video below.)
5220.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Fordite not existing?
5221.(New species.)Have you heard of any of these animals?(Video below.)(Do you remember armadillos not being able to make near perfect balls?)
5222.(Spelling change.)Sophmore/Sophomore
5223.(Famous Singer name change.)Ringo StaRingo Starr
5224.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember English being the official language of the United States?(Was Christianity the official religion?)
5225.(Rock Band name change.)The Safaris/The Surfaris(Do any of their logos look off?)
5226.(Famous Reality Star name change.)Khloe Kardashian/Khloé Kardashiané_Kardashian
5227.(Spelling change.)Jepardy/Jeopardy (Was it just "Jeopardy" and not "Jeopardy!"?)!
Add-On: Do you remember "Simple Wikipedia" not being a thing?
5228.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember onion cells not being visible to the eye?
5229.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Trump Taj Mahal being in Nevada instead of New Jersey?
5230.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Baalbek Temple Of Jupiter having broken pillars?
5231.(Famous Pope name change.)Carol Wojtyla/Karol Wojtyla
5232.(City name change.)Kuala Lampur, Malaysia/Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5233.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Buddha statues not all laughing?(Were they smiling or did they have a different expression?)(Were they known as Smiling Buddhas or Fat Buddhas and not Laughing Buddhas?)
5234.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Vietnam War ending on April 30, 1976 instead of April 30, 1975?
5235.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the grave of Jim Morrison looking different than it does now?
5236.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Gate Of The Sun being larger than it is now?
5237.(Ship name change.) Queen Elizabeth ll/Queen Elizabeth 2(Were other ships named with Roman numerals instead of numbers?)
5238.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Concorde being larger than it is now?(Anything else off?)
5239.(Can't think of a title.) Do you remember the Eiffel Tower being different than it is now?(Is it a different size, color or shape?)
5240.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Wat Phra Dhammakaya not existing?
5241.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Osama Bin Laden being responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing?(Do you not remember there being a 1993 bombing?)
5242.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Rembrandt being the painter of The Man With The Golden Helmet instead of someone close to him?
5243.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember this Apollo 11 conversation not happening?(Video below.)(Were astronaut conversations not that clear back then?)(Do any of these other videos seem off?)
5244.(Martial Arts name change.)Kung-Fu/Kung Fu (Did it not go by other names?)
5245.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Aurora from space being different?(Did it not exist?)(Anything else in the video off?)(Video below.)
5246.(Can't think of a title.)Do you there not being a new type of DNA that is shaped like balls?
5247.(Music Lyrics change.)"The captain of her heart."/"The captain of the heart."
5248.(Phrase change.)Open sesame/Open says me (Was the latter not acceptable?)
Add-On: Do you remember Raven from That's So Raven crossing her arms at the end of the theme song?
5249.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Tess Holliday being British or Australian instead of American?(Was it Holiday and not Holliday?)
5250.(Movie Quote change.)"Are you making fun of me Riz?"/"You making fun of me Riz?"
5251.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Kim Kardashian saying "They ask you how you are and you just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine." instead of Katy Perry?(Is the quote off?)
5252.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Mick Foley dying in 1998 in a cage match?
5253.(YouTuber name change.)Do you remember these YouTuber names being different?(Lifematrix/LifeMatrix/lifematrix/Life matrix/Life Matrix)(Vanessa VA/Vannessa VA(Anything else off?))(Meags B/Meegs B)(Grace nicole/Grace niccole)(Unbiased &On The Fence/Unbiased On The Fence)(SMQ/SMQ AI)(Cheyanna Joy/Cheyenna Joy)(Once Upon A Time Line/Once Upon A Time-Line/Once Upon A Timeline)(EIA/EYA)(Cynthia Sue Larsin/Cynthia Sue Larson)(OverwatchedChannel/OverwatchChannel)(Dead Gpk/DEAD GPK)(Jason KristoffeJason Kristofer)(Michelle Plati/Michelle Platti)
Add-On: Do you remember the opening scene in Back To The Future not foreshadowing Doc dangling off the clock?
Add-On: Do you remember Pigeon being spelled Pidgeon?
5254.(Shoe name change.)Aviva/Avia (Does the logo look off?)
5255.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember airglow not existing?(Did gravity waves and zodiacal light not exist or are they off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Doberman instead of Dobermann?(Any of the other names off?)(RotweilleRottweiler)(Is their other name off?)(Shar-Pei/Shar Pei)(Is the plural off?)(Shih-Tzu/Shih Tzu)(Is their other name off?)
5256.(Fictional Character name change.)Jabba The Hut/Jabba The Hutt(Is his other name off?)(Pizza The Hut/Pizza The Hutt)
5257.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember never ending lightning storms not existing?(Anything else off?)
5258.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember animals such as elephants not having prehensile penises?(Anything else off?)
5259.(Restaurant name change.)The Green Burrito/Green Burrito(The Red Burrito/Red Burrito)(Do any of the logos look off?)
5260.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Tower Of Babel not being a tourist attraction?
5261.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Elizabeth Taylor having more paparazzi photos?(Does her eye color seem off?)(Did she die later than 2011?)
5262.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Ayman Al-Zawahiri dying?(Was he attacked at all?)
Add-On: Do you remember Bam-Bam or Bamm-Bamm?
Add-On: Do you remember bananas not growing upside-down?(Did upside-down houses not exist?)(Did upside down not have a dash?)
Add-On: Do you remember Marty McFly not winking or making a gun with his hand in Back To The Future?(Video below.)
5263.(Famous Actress name change.)Jacklyn Smith/Jaclyn Smith (Was Jaclyn not an acceptable way to spell Jacklyn?)
5264.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the New York Yankees not also being the name of a football team?
Add-On: Do you remember The Rock not doing a hand gesture similar to Jay-Z?
5265.(Phrase change.)Get-R-Done/Git-R-Done (Other spellings?)
5266.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember barber's poles being red and white with no blue?(Were they always long and always rotating?)
5267.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember not being able to hold your breath as long as you can now?(Did certain people not have larger spleens?)
5268.(Pickle Company name change.)Klaussen/Claussen
5269.(Music Lyrics change.)"And maybe we'll come back."/"And maybe we'll jump back."
5270.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Mac Miller not saying "Crush a lot." or "Fuck a lot." in The Way.
5271.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember birds not being able to lactate and make milk?
5272.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember C3PO airplanes not existing?
5273.(Company name change.)Poloroid/Polaroid
5274.(Pop Group name change.)The Gypsy Kings/The Gipsy Kings/Gypsy Kings/Gipsy Kings (Do any of their logos look off?)(Do you remember Gipsy not being an acceptable spelling for Gypsy?)
5275.(City name change.)Fort Meyers, Florida/Fort Myers, Florida,_Florida
5276.(Spelling change.)Anihilate/Annihilate
5277.(Abbreviation change.)North American Space Administration/National Aeronautics Space Administration(Anything else?)
5278.(Famous Prime Minister name change.)Ho Chi Min/Ho Chi Minh
5279.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Boko Haram not killing because of flat Earth?
Add-On: Do you remember bananas having small seeds?
Add-On: Do you remember "Norma Jean Baker" or "Norma Jeane Baker" instead of "Norma Jeane Mortenson"?
5280.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not existing or being different?(Camels being omnivores instead of herbivores, a second asteroid belt, Jupiter not being Earth's main protection anymore, The Dome Of The Rock, Monchichi Baby/Monchhichi Baby, Star Wars Themed Planes?)(Video below.)
5281.(New species.)Have you heard of any of these animals or are the animals different or acting different?(Finger monkeys, whitemargin unicornfish, starling swarm in Rome, common flat lizard, blob fish has nose, aye-ayes have black ears, batfish is pet, Asian sheephead wrasse, Brazilian pinkbloom tarantula, moray eels in many colors, bush dog, camels have fangs, razor fish that swim vertical, chicken wings now have claws, Mary river turtle breathes through butt, crayfish have ability to clone themselves, lizards that can walk on water, Jacob sheep have 4 horns, Bryde's whale, penguins that live in forests, superb bird of paradise, grass that grows on turtle species, Mexican mole lizard, Martinique tree spider, wolftrap angler fish?)(Video below.)
5282.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan being different?(Were the mushroom clouds bigger?)
5283.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being a full hiking emoji?(Anything else off?)
5284.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Steve Bartman actually catching the ball instead of deflecting it in the 2003 incident?
Add-On: Do you remember "Bimbo" not being said in Barbie Girl by Aqua?(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Anything else off?)
5285.(Organization name change.)St John's Ambulance/St Johns Ambulance/St John Ambulance (Does the logo look off?)(Do you remember words like realize and organize not being able to spelled with an S instead of a Z?)
5286.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember not being able to naturally your fingertips and ribs?(Were your bones unable to grow back at all?)(Video below.)
5287.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember artificial intelligence not being able to become psychotic?(Video below.)
5288.(Animal name change.)Minow/Minnow(S.S. Minow/S.S. Minnow)
5289.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Marvel comics made about Kiss inked with their blood not being a thing?(Do you remember Kiss comics not existing at all?)
Add-On: Do you remember this thing being different?(Anything off?)(Video below.)
Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Bing being different?(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Statue Of Liberty not having any bulges?
5290.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember animals not being able to safely barf out their stomachs or similar things?(Camels, frogs, sharks, starfish, rays, sea cucumbers?)(Anything else off?)(Do frogs look off to you?)(Video below.)
5291.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jack Daniel's being invented by Jack Daniel instead of a slave?'s
5292.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the equator being the hottest part of Earth?(Was equator always supposed to be capitalized?)(Is the location off?)(Anything else off?)
5293.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the San Francisco Giants logo being different?
Add-On: Do you remember there not being 4 Mona Lisa paintings?(Were there not multiple Thinker statues?)(Were there not 3 Statues Of Liberty?)(Statue Of Limitations/Statute Of Limitations(Repose as well?))
5294.(Book Quote change.)"Methinks the lady doth protest too much."/"The lady doth protest too much, methinks.",_methinks
5295.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember ostriches having 3 toes instead of 2?
5296.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember sea creatures such as squid and fish not being able to move after their heads are cut off?)(Were words such as squid, fish and water singular and plural?)
5297.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember ant death spirals not being a thing?
5298.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember fissure vents not being a thing?
5299.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember spatter ramparts and spatter cones not being a thing?
5300.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember muscle spasms not being able to be visible?(Were baby kicks and from inside the pregnant mom not visible?)(Were cramps not visible and not as bad as they can be now?)
5301.(Quote change.)"A rose by any other name is still a rose."/"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
5302.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not still being dangerous islander tribes in the world?(Is the geography surrounding the Sentinelese off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Mister Rogers' Neighborhood not having other names and not being shortened to MisteRogers' at any point?(Was it Roger's instead of Rogers'?)(Was his last name Roger?)
5303.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember humans not being able to walk and dance with their knees reversed?(Were they not able to reverse their knees at all?)
5304.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being a flag on top of the U.S. Capitol Building instead of a statue?(Was there nothing, a different statue or something else?)(Was there more than one dome?)(Anything else off?)
5305.(Music Lyrics change.)"Kick off your Sunday shoes."/"Kick off the Sunday shoes."
5306.(Music Lyrics change.)"I wanna get lost in the rock and roll."/"I wanna get lost in your rock and roll."(Is the "country song" version off too?)
5307.(Celebrity animal death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Koko The Gorilla dying?
5308.(YouTube Channel Intro change.)"Hey sisters."/"Hi sisters."
5309.(Rapper name change.)Bhad Bharbie/Bhad Bhabie(Other spellings?)
5310.(Phantom t.v. show.)Do you remember Partridge Family 2200 A.D. not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember baby bats being uglier than they are now?(Were bats in general uglier?)(Were ligers uglier than they are now?)(Do you remember tigons not being a thing?)
5311.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Steve Perry dying?
5312.(Music Lyrics change.)"The walls are closing in."/"These walls are closing in."/"My walls are closing in."
5313.(Rock Duo name change.)Seal And Croft/Seal And Crofts/Seals And Croft/Seals And Crofts(Anything else off about their name?)(Any of their logos look off?)
5314.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being two Mount Rushmores?(Do you remember dancing buildings not being a thing?)
5315.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember this Columbo episode existing?(Link below.)
5316.(Phantom movie quote.)Do you remember "I've been expecting you Mr. Bond." being said by the villain while he was petting a cat?(Was the cat in the movie at all?)
5317.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Humpty Dumpty originally being an egg?
5318.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Princess Diana not having baby blue eyes?,_Princess_of_Wales
5319.(Famous Rock Singer name change.)Layne Stanley/Layne Staley(Lane?)(Mike StaMike Starr)(Do you remember Alice 'N Chains not being a thing and was Sleze not a thing?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Bob Marley dying of a gunshot instead of a toe infection?(Did he die of a drug overdose?)
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Danny Suied wins Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open

The vast majority of those who play at the European Poker Tour in Barcelona have paid the buy-in out-of-pocket, but there are a handful of players who won online satellites. Many poker rooms have organized such qualifiers over the last couple of weeks and a couple of Sky Poker member are now competing at life tables after booking a seat online. There are plenty of online tournaments that have buy-ins comparable to the EPT side events, but it is always nice to have the option of playing at alive money tables. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, American players are busy trying to win as many side events in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open. The tournament has just begun and there are plenty of events to win, with Event 1 $350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em already crowning the winner. It was obvious from the very beginning that a record is about to be set, with a total of 2888 players buying in to create a prize pool of $866k. Under normal circumstances, these local tournaments don't attract many poker professionals, but this time the stakes were higher. As a result, there were plenty of pros who sat down at the tables to lock horns with amateurs and ambitious players who have competed mostly over the Internet. Very few of them made the final table and Danny Suied from Hallandale Florida was the one who dominated the game in the first hours. His aggressive strategy paid off, because once he got in command he never relinquished the lead. The fiercest competitor was David Smith from New York who challenged him in the heads up, but none of the players were particularly interested in the outcome. The reason is that when only four players were left in the game, they decided to discuss the terms of the deal and an agreement was reached shortly. This explains why the difference between the winner and the one who finished in the fourth place was just a bit over $30,000. Those who wonder how exactly the final table looked like at the end of the day and how much money each player got, should simply check the list below: 1 Danny Suied Hallandale, FL $110,3492 David Smith New York, NY $94,5743 Reinaldo Troconis Coral Gables, FL $81,7524 Brett Bader Boca Raton, FL $78,9195 Raminder Singh Delray Beach, FL $44,9836 Glen Cressman Boca Raton, FL $35,8317 Steele Sutter Palm Beach Gardens, FL $26,7658 Michael Tufaro Fort Myers, FL $18,1319 Richard Russ Hallandale Beach, FL $12,951
via Casinoreviews
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[Boston Globe, Paywall] Dustin Pedroia progressing well from knee surgery, and more.

Dustin Pedroia progressing well from knee surgery
By Peter Abraham
JANUARY 18, 2018
Dustin Pedroia was in New York on Thursday for a follow-up exam by his surgeon, Dr. Riley Williams III. He was cleared to start running, a positive step as he returns from cartilage restoration surgery on his left knee.
When that surgery was done in October the Red Sox said they did not expect their second baseman to return to the majors until late May or early June. That hasn’t changed despite Pedroia suggesting to last week that he could be ready for Opening Day.
“We’re not pushing for [Opening Day]. It’s more important he follows the step-by-step. You run, then you cut and pick up the pace,” president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski said.
The Sox, in fact, told Pedroia not attend this weekend’s event at Foxwoods Resort Casino out of fear somebody would accidentally jostle his knee.
Righthander Steven Wright had the same procedure by the same surgeon on May 8 and it wasn’t until the fall that his knee felt normal. Wright has since started a throwing program and is expected to be ready for Opening Day.
Eduardo Rodriguez, who had surgery on his right knee on Oct. 17, has started throwing but will not be fully cleared before spring training. The hope remains that he will be major league-ready at some point in April.
Benintendi in limbo Andrew Benintendi is temporarily without an agent after Jason Wood was fired by the Career Sports Entertainment Talent agency earlier this month and suspended by the MLB Players Association.
Benintendi has been flooded with calls from would-be representatives. He has referred the inquiries to his father, Chris. The elder Benintendi is an attorney in Cincinnati.
“I’m going through that process right now,” Benintendi said. “We’ll see.”
Benintendi could select another agent from CSE Talent or join a different firm.
Benintendi also cut his long hair after the season. It’s long enough for some product but well off his ears. Maybe he’ll be faster.
“I had to go to a few weddings this offseason so I didn’t want to deal with that,” Benintendi said. “I knew that question was coming.”
Manager Alex Cora approved.
“Very sharp, very clean,” he said.
Johnson seeks role Lefthander Brian Johnson recently had surgery to correct a deviated septum, a holdover from his being struck in the face by a line drive in 2012.
“Now I can breathe again,” Johnson said. “I’m glad I had it done.”
Johnson, 27, is out of minor league options and will arrive at spring training knowing he has to make the team or be designated for assignment. He is likely to work as a relief pitcher for the first time in his career.
Robby Scott and rookie Williams Jerez are the only lefthanded relievers on the 40-man roster. Dombrowski said no decisions have been made, but indications are the Sox view Johnson as a reliever with Roenis Elias and Hector Velazquez serving as starter depth in Triple A.
“I haven’t heard a thing,” Johnson said. “I want to pitch in the majors and I’m open to whatever.”
Dombrowski claimed that obtaining a veteran lefthanded reliever via trade or free agency was not a priority.
Taking harder line The Sox are preparing for a February arbitration hearing with Mookie Betts. The sides could not come to an agreement in the right fielder’s first year of arbitration eligibility.
Betts is seeking $10.5 million with the team offering $7.5 million. Under arbitration rules, a panel will choose one of the proposals.
Dombrowski said the sides would almost surely go to the hearing. His general policy is to go to a hearing if no agreement is made by the deadline. The Sox won a case against lefthanded reliever Fernando Abad last year, beating him out of $700,000.
Spring TV plans NESN will televise 20 spring training games, six on Boston 25 WFTX. That is a new partnership for NESN.
The 20 games are the most for NESN since 1997. The schedule starts on Feb. 22 with the doubleheader against Northeastern and Boston College.
ESPN also picked up the March 23 game against the Yankees in Tampa and the March 27 game at home against the Cubs.
Red Sox spring training TV schedule Home games at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Fla.
Date Opponent Time (TV)
Thur., Feb. 22 vs. Northeastern 1 p.m. (Fox)
Thur., Feb. 22 vs. Boston College 3:30 p.m. (Fox)
Sat., Feb. 24 vs. Tampa Bay 1 p.m. (NESN)
Sun., Feb. 25 vs. Baltimore 1 p.m. (NESN)
Tue., Feb. 27 at Minnesota 6 p.m. (NESN Plus)
Thur., March 1 at Houston 1 p.m. (Fox)
Sat., March 3 vs. NY Yankees 1 p.m. (NESN)
Sun., March 4 at Baltimore 1 p.m. (NESN)
Thur., March 8 vs. Tampa Bay 1 p.m. (Fox)
Sat., March 10 at Minnesota 1 p.m. (NESN Plus)
Sun., March 11 vs. Baltimore 1 p.m. (NESN)
Thur., March 15 vs. Toronto 1 p.m. (Fox)
Fri., March 16 vs. Minnesota 6 p.m. (NESN)
Sat., March 17 vs. Tampa Bay 1 p.m. (NESN)
Sun., March 18 at Pittsburgh 1 p.m. (NESN)
Thur., March 22 at Baltimore 1 p.m. (Fox)
Sat., March 24 vs. Houston 1 p.m. (NESN)
Sun., March 25 at Minnesota 1 p.m. (NESN)
Mon., March 26 vs. Chicago Cubs 6 p.m. (NESN)
Tue., March 27 vs. Chicago Cubs 1 p.m. (NESN)
Awards night
Benintendi was on hand to receive the Harry Agganis Award as Red Sox rookie of the year at the 79th annual Boston BBWAA dinner.
Jackie Bradley Jr. (Defensive player of the year), Christian Vazquez (Unsung Hero), Johnson (Lou Gorman Award for persistence), Scott (Tim Wakefield Award for community service) and Brandon Workman (Comeback Player) also attended.
Yankees general manager Brian Cashman received his MLB Executive of the Year award. Colorado Rockies reliever Chad Bettis was the Tony Conigliaro Award winner for his determination in overcoming cancer. Houston’s A.J. Hinch, named the MLB manager of the year, was unable to attend the dinner.
Tim Wakefield was the winner of the Fuchs Memorial Award for long and meritorious service to baseball.
The BBWAA presented Sean McAdam with the Dave O’Hara Award for long and meritorious service. McAdam has covered the Sox for the Providence Journal, Boston Herald, and now Boston Sports Journal.
The BBWAA also recognized retired MLB executive Phyllis Merhige and long-time Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick.
The Sports Museum gave a lifetime achievement award to Lisa Scherber, the Jimmy Fund’s director of patient and family programs.
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Drive to Seminole casino, Immokalee, FL from I - 75 Fort ...

Driving from Fort Myers to Bonita Springs, Florida - Duration: 25:22. gatorpics09 7,010 views. 25:22 . Tour of a Nomad Living in a Truck - Duration: 16:49. CheapRVliving Recommended for you. 16:49 ... (239) 334-6300 for information SW FL Bartending & Poker Dealing School Ages 18+ 1+ week programs, Day, Evening and Flexible Scheduling Job Assistance 28 year... Fort Myers Beach, Florida Spring 2008 - Duration: 5:50. ... The greatest casinos in Southern Nevada - Laughlin - Duration: 8:29. Herb Halling Recommended for you. 8:29. Hilary Duff visits Tice ... Within an hour of the Paradise Coast, Seminole Casino Hotel at Immokalee is the "number one entertainment destination in Southwest Florida." The casino featu... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 2490 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL McMurray & Members 239 850 7888 McMurrayandMembers com - Duration: 1 ... HARD ROCK. LIVE. SLOTS. 🌞 REAL Casino, BIG Money, HUGE Jackpots (Hopefully ... This quiet residential area in South Fort Myers is mostly and historically African American. Top 10 Best Beachfront Hotels in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, USA If you like my videos, please subscribe! Pink Shell Beach Resort & ... NEW 2020 EDITION Pilot dies in flight. ***DISCLAIMER*** The Hero passenger who lands the King Air Turbo Prop and saves his family had earned a Private Pil...